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Spanish Phase 2 Reflection

With the end of this school year approaching so is the end of my learning in Spanish phase two. Throughout this unit I was really able to further develop my Spanish skills through learning many different verb tenses grammar and vocabulary to the point where I felt that I could comfortable talk in Spanish conversations….

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Unit 3 Reflection

Throughout this third unit all our learning revolved about the preterite tense. Here is my reflection on this unit.   What are 7 ways what you learned is like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or another movie of your choice? Details that seem small end up being very important: when learning the preterit tense you learn…

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Spanish Unit 1 Reflection

Throughout this unit we did a lot of review on previous things we had learned in phase one. This allowed me to go back and perfect the things I was having trouble with, it allowed me to really perfect some of my skills such as reflective verbs and stem changing verbs.  I believe my strongest…

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Un Carta para Bob


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My Goals for Spanish 2016-17

For the  coming school year in Spanish Class there are some goals that I want to fulfil to improve my Spanish learning. I want to start practicing my Spanish more often on a regular basis in a way that I use it in context and not just as studying. I wanna do this through reading…

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