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Hoe be├»nvloedt het lezen van Fictie ons perspectief? Dat is de vraag dat centraal staat tijdens de lessen Nederlands. Om dit te onderzoeken heb ik het boek Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek gelezen. Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek In Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek geschreven door Thea Beckman reist Dolf vanuit de 20ste eeuw terug naar de middeleeuwen. Hier sluit hij…

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Dragon Days Reflection

For the past two days we have bene working in a group o create a solution to a problem here is my reflection for the past days.

Spanish Unit Reflection

This unit was completely new for me, the vocabulary and the context in which we learned (shopping). Three new concepts that I have learned are toner expressions, subject pronouns and “it” in Spanish. These are all brand new concepts that I am starting to completely understand and that I will be able to use a…

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The Honest Story of the Palm Oil in Nutella

The honest Palm oil in Nutella food label: Food label meaning:   The causes and effects of the palm oil used in Nutella:   The food label in use: via GIPHY

Child Labor

Child Labor happened during the industrial revolution where especially poor children where taken from their homes, orphanages or streets to go work in the factories. In the factories they performed difficult and health risking jobs for full days, with only extremely low loans. in result there were many deaths, diseases and health issues with the…

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