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Throughout this school year I have done many things however there are some things that really stand out too me. Either because I have really improved on, worked really hard on or just because it felt like I did really well on it. For this school year my goals where to be more confident when talking to strangers and talking with them too especially because I was new at the school.I think that I have done well, joining groups such as volleyball and the student service committee and I joined on conversations and discussions.When I talk to people at first I should be more confident.There are two habits of minds that I want to improve:persisting because sometimes when I start something that turns out to be hard I change the topic,I have have already improved this by choosing projects that I am really interested in. I think I can still improve at communicating with precision and clarity to explain better.



This piece of work showed that I really worked hard too make this piece of work perfect. I put in as much detail as possible and tried my ver best to make this on of my best pieces of writing. Now I am really proud of it. I think that I did very well on it, and achieved all the small goals that I set for myself before starting my story. Overall I am just really proud of it.





In this piece of work it shows that I worked on my goal too be persistent. This topic was a bit harder than the other option but I was really interested in it so I kept on working on it. I worked really hard and I am proud of what the out come was.




Sophie Blog Design

I am proud of this piece of work because this is where I realised how blog show who you are. This is the step where I started too make my blog mine. Before I thought a boo was just a website but know I know hoe much it can show who the owner is. I am really proud of what my blog look like now and how it shows me.






This shows how much I have improved since the start of the year until now. I can still improve more but for know i think I am really good. First I thought I would never be able too really play a violin but know I can and I am zoo proud of that.






During math I have found that in math class I am better at communicating and applying things to real life than doing the actual math. This shows that I have improved on communicating with precision and clarity. I am proud of myself that I am so good at this because it can be a difficult skill but I would also really like to improve on the actual math. I am already improving but I can still improve more to make it the same level as my communicaion.






Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.52.09 AM


I am proud of these pieces of work because I always find science a really challenging class but when I work really hard I do very good. I am really proud of myself that I persist and keep on working hard even if it is really challenging that I still try my best. This also shows that I am improving on my communicate in the poster. I think that I did well on communication the information in a clear and simple way.





Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.09.34 PM<

I was really proud of myself for ruining in the big cross country. It was really hard and tiring but I was persistent and kept on going. It wasn’t my best run but I think i did really well since it was a early hard course. During the Jump rope assessment I was only just new at YIS. I think I improved on talking too strangers. They were not completely strangers but I was still not completely familiar with them. I think during this I really stopped being shy and became friend with them.




Photo on 4-9-15 at 3.47 PM



For one of our assessments in spanish we had to write a letter completely from scratch in English. I was really proud of this because I was able to write a lot . There were some small minor grammar mistakes but I want too work on them. I enjoy writing letters in spanish because then you can really use everything you have leafed so far but also because then you see how much you can already do.





I am really proud of my story writing. Before I start writing I don’t want to do it and just don’t feel like it but once I start I do everything I can to make it my best work. I think I did really well on that here. Once I got into the story I realised it was actually very interesting and fun too do. tHis has shown me too just give it your best even if you don’t like it.


For the next part of the school year my goal I would like too improve on persisting. I already have the first step which is carrying on even if something seems to hard or challenging. The next step for me would be too be able too work on improving things in my learning even if they are not completely nescasary for example for a test or assignment. For example I want too improve on my mental math even though this is not needed for any specific thing.  Overall my goal is to to work on things even if they are not specifically needed, goals that are just for myself to become a better student.

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