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Portfolio 2015-16

Throughout this school year I have shown different skills throughout each subject. Some skills I have mastered while others need improvement. The school ear so far has been a strong one for me. I have been able to do well and perform strongly in all classes. Yet their are some pices that really stand out under one skill specifically.



Communication is a skill that I feel I am strong in at most times however in some situations I think I should improve.


I feel I am doing very well with my communication in Spanish Class. Throughout the year I have improved a lot on expressing myself in Spanish through speaking as well as in written format. i am really proud of my communication skills in this subject.  For a project we had to make presentation about the food in a Spanish country that we would present infant of the class in complete Spanish. I am really proud of how I did on this project and how fluent and easily I could print in Spanish.



In drama class I have already improved in communication by feeling more confident when talking infant of  algae group if people however I still want to get better by being more confident and moving my hands less when talking infant of large group. Then I believe my communication will improve.

7A Drama: Speech17 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


In spanish class once in a while we record ourselves speaking Spanish (either having a conversation or presenting) over time throughout this year my Spanish skills have really improved. I feel that I can talk more fluently without hesitating and taking too much pauses. I can start too really use Spanish to speak snd not just to do exercises with. My Spanish communication skills can certainly still improve but I am really proud of what they are right now.






Creative Thinking is a skill that I perhaps think is the most fun too use and a skill that I feel very confident in. Yet sometimes want to improve to come up with more interesting and original ideas.


In English class we had write a creative writing piece based one vents that we read about in a book. I did very well on this project and enjoyed it a lot to just use my imagination to create a detailed writing piece and the outcome is for sure a project I am extremely proud of and put a lot of hard work in to it.



In drama during the mime unit for our final project we had too get into a group in which we would create a mime scene. I think that I used a lot of my creative thinking to come up with what would happen in the scene and how we would show all of these thing to our audience without words. I feel really proud of it since mining is a really hard thing to do since you have to be so careful with how you show thing. It is something I was really proud of yet still wish to improve. Think more about how to act things out in a better way.

7A Drama: Mime Scene1 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.



In music class had to learn how to play a melody of our choice to then create a visual map that would represent the melody and it attributes. You had to be creative in how to show it, what techniques you would use and what your visual representation would be in general. it was challenging to choose something that wouldn’t be too basic nor to complex but something that is easy to understand and fun to look at.


In Dutch class we learned about the first dutch to arrive in Japan. During this unit we read a fiction book based on true even revolving around this topic. For our final project we had to the the same thing. I had to use a lot of creative thinking for this since you had to be able to interpret all kinds of research into a realistic story tat you have to create yourselves. I used this skill in a very good way even though it was very challenging. This piece of work does contain spelling mistakes. Something I want to improve on.



Informative literacy is probably my strongest skill. I think I have really good research skills that I can use in an effective ways for my research projects so that i can find all the information I need without wasting my time finding information that is absolutely useless.


In I&S we had to research an empire to then create a detailed time line including the most major times that happened during the empires existence. To in the end be a blue to write a paragraph about the effects on the world. I think my informative literacy skills during they sporject were really strong since I was able to find good event for a my timeline that I could explain in detail.

Photo on 1-15-16 at 7.40 AM #3


We were learning about renaissance men/woman. As the final project we had to create a comic about a chosen renaissance men/woman there life and afterwards what it would be live if the travelled to the present time. tHis was a project I showed some of my best research skills. I gathered enough information to answer the key question “why was renaissance men/woman so important?

Shakespeare Comic.tada



Collaboration is a skill that I enjoy using that you can work together with someone to aim for something and then make it happen together. I think I am pretty good at working together, dividing up the work, helping each other being a leader or being a listener however there are some occasions were I want to improve.


In PE class for our final project in the unit Dance we had to get with a partner to perfect a choreography and afterwards make our own together. I think my collaboration skills were at its best in this project. That we really split up work  and both put a lot of input into it to in the end have  great result.


In I&S we had to get together with a partner to together research and empire to finally create  presentation to our class about the empire and the effects on the world. The end result of this project was very well we had really good information and a good presentation but i think we could have done a better job at splitting up the work.



This semester I was part of the volleyball club and landed in A team. It was a very special team since we started out as strangers including our coach but over our time we grew closer and closer and were able to take position coach each other and play together so that we could work together to make our team better and by then end of the season our team was truly 100 times better than at the start of the season.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.13.43 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.14.15 PM


Critical thing is for me one of the most challenging skills even though I am capable of doing it very well it takes me lots of thought and I have to work hard to use it.


In english class we had to create a dialogue between two book characters and they had to talk about what discrimination was and is like for them. How they experienced it and the similarities between the two. I had think critically together with my partner to divide based on stories in a book how they would feel and what there thoughts about it would be. A challenging project yet also really interesting.


In science class we learned about the conflict minerals in Congo. We then had to create a blog post about it describing the situations and the problems that led out of it too finally come up with a possible solution. Finding the solution is were I had to use the skill critical thinking because you can’t just say anything you have to give a reason. this was a challenging project but in the end I did very well.

Blog Post

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.28.08 AM


In art class for our final artwork we had to choose a place were you had been and someone you know had been at least 20 years before you. The place had to have some meaning to you. iN the artwork you had to bend images of the past, the present and the future. Throughout the whole project you had to think critically am I brining across the message I want to? How should I did this? What do I have to do to make it better? The final result is something I am really proud of!



Organisation is a skill that I use in all  the work I do in school. It is not a skill that is challenging but it is a skill that in my opinion is really important to have. I use it literally in organising myself, getting work done on time and bring the right books to school but also when working that I layout the work well in a clear way.


In math class it is important to show working in an organised way especially on the tests so that I can get a good grade. This semester I have been doing a good hob at this, at laying out my work well with does not only help get good grades but also to do good work since I can clearly see what I am doing.

Photo on 1-20-16 at 11.36 AM #3



In english class we had to create an infographic, we were graded on not only the information but also the looks of the infographic how we laid everything out, how we organised the information to make it look interesting and appealing.  decided to make my own infographic template completely and I am really proud of what the final result looked like.

Untitled Infographic-2


Reflection is a skill that I always find difficult. To have to think back and decide on how you did it and what you would like to improve on therefore it is also a skill that I would like to improve on over the next semester.



Red and White is a school club I joined were we organise a charity concert, i was in the promotion and money group. I made the posters and helped decide to were the funds would go. I had to really reflect and look back at last year what would we need to do differently this year and it was very affective because we made a new record with how much money we raised!

Red and White Poster




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