Expanding my comfort zone during G8 Expedition

This year’s expedition was quite interesting as it affected me a lot and thought me many new things that helped me make future decisions. Most of these decisions were involving risk taking.

The first thing that helped me learn that risk taking is important to expand your comfort zone a generally in life I when we first went canyoning. This was a crucial moment because this is where we did the 10-meter jump and I also learned how to do backflips. Both of these things that I decided to do helped me make more decision that involved risk taking such as when we went rafting and we had to do a jump, I choose to do a backflip, which almost ended up harming me but nevertheless I was unscathed. Me choosing to do a backflip that could lead to me harmed was very crucial involving risk taking as I developed the sense that it gets easier the more I do it thus expanding my comfort zone.

After that activity, we did mountain biking which was made up of fairly hard challenges such as sharp turns and steep slopes. When I started I had some fear of losing control of the bike or falling off but when I ended up completing the whole track I was felt really accomplished and fearless. This led me to do the hard challenge for bikes which was difficult but I completed because of the simple fact that I would not lose control if I have no fear and face risky situations with no fear will help me get better at things and easily overcome difficult situations.

In the end, many things ended up helping me in risk taking and expanding my comfort zone. These things were facing problems and difficult situation with no fear to keep control of yourself and doing things that might harm to make yourself stronger in the future.

Spanish Unit 1 Reflection

I think I improved drastically in Spanish from last year but there are many areas I still need to improve on.

First and foremost thing I would like to improve on is my grammar in Spanish. This is because I make mistakes whilst writing text. Grammer also includes thing like spelling, punctuations, accents and conjugation. If I’m able to not make these mistakes again in the future and improve on my grammar it would really help my Spanish .

Secondly, I need to be more careful with adjective/noun agreement. I could easily improve upon this by practicing a bit more.

Lastly, I like to improve on using reflexive verbs and vocab in general. This would help me be more concise and would make it easier for to express and describe my self.

Reflection on D Day

Designing our idea was kind of tough as I joined my group one day Late and I had to hasty to complete all of the work and double check it, But it turned out to be good as my teammates were very supportive and helpful.

I liked working with my group because they had a really good idea that they were dedicated to making good and as i said they were very kind, supportive and helpful.

One ATL Skill I used very well was risk taking by choosing a new idea and using different graphic designs, i used communication skill to talk with all the students and teacher while presenting and collabartion skills to work with my group to get out work done within time and make it good.

One great moment I had while doing this project was making all the stickman graphics as they were super cool.

One thing I learned from another group was that when you work alone your work would not be as effective but when you have others to work with your will achieve things more quickly and effectively.

Next time I would be more organized and spend my time well on the project I will do.

I did all the graphic work!!! It was fun finding all the right stickman.


Spanish Goals

These are my goals for Spanish for this year.

My First goal is to Study for Spanish for at least 30 minutes in a week.

My Second goal is generally to improve my Spanish. Things including like accent,conjugation and learn
new vocabulary.

My Third goal is to complete my Spanish homework on time.

My Last goal is to use Avancemos more. This is because it is really helpful and I did not use it last year as much, but now I know that it is a really helpful tool.

Who should decide what we are allowed  read,view or listen to

I think you should be able to decide what we are allowed to read,view or listen to, but your teachers,parents or guardians should be able to restrict you from certain stuff or give suggestions.This is because you would have a better understanding of what you like and what you dislike.The teacher,parent or guardian would be able to restrict some stuff or suggest something because they would have a better understanding of what is right and what is wrong.

Showcase Portfollio Awaiz : 7C

Atl Skill 1: Communication

Firstly: I used communication skills in Japanese because we did this assignment where you were a customer or a shopkeeper and had to but or either sell stuff.You had to talk in Japanese. Say Japanese words you learned.

Secondly: I used this skill in E.A.L because I learn about 20 new words every week and then we use these words in the new topic we write.

Thirdly: I used this skill in P.E because when we did our dance we had to use this in order to make up this dance.

Atl Skill 2: Creative Thinking 

Firstly: I used this skill in Art. We made the drawing which required a lot of creative thinking because you had to use two pictures one in a present and one really old.It had to be the same spot.Also, you had to make in shapes and then turn them into past or future.Afterwards, you had to fill it out either by stippling, scumbling, or hatching.

Secondly: I used creative thinking in Drama because we had to find a folktale that we liked then turn that folk tales into a script (roleplay).Then we made puppets and everything in the background such as the trees, house and the food.Also the characters.

Atl Skill 3: Collaboration 

Firstly: In English I used this skill because of our new assignment where we worked as two different characters and then talked about one specific topic.We talked bout freedom and discussed how it affects us and others.

Secondly: I used this skill in Music because I and three other violas played a music piece called viola country which was really focused towards voila.This was important because we had to be synced and if voila messed up the piece was ruined.

Atl Skill 4: Information literacy

Information literacy in where to uses different ways of representing information such as videos, pictures, writing or speech.

Firstly: I used this is science. Where I used writing when doing my minerals in your iPad and we did a video for our eye dissection video where we dissected an eye of a pig.

Secondly: I used this skill in InS a lot.In our empires unit, we did writing, pictures and times.Then in our countries unit, I did a presentation and writing.In our renaissance man (or women) we did a comic and for the industrial revolution, we did a presentation.

Atl Skill 5: Organisation

This is the skill which I need to improve on because I might be organised in my writing or information but when it comes to turning in assignments on times, turning up to school or bringing equipment to school I am bad at that.I really need to improve upon this.I am going to use veracross, google calendar or even making google reminders every day.I am going to take advice from my teachers, parents and peer. Especially Ms.Winslade