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Gapminder assessment

Information from 2015. Indicators Japan Congo. Dem. Rep Birth rate per 1000 population 8.17 41.5 Population growth (annual % with projections) -0.191 2.65 Infant Mortality Rate (rate deaths under age 1 per 1000 births) 2 74.5 GDP per capita 36.2k… Continue Reading →

Grade 8 World religions reflection

– How much did you know about the subject before we started? I did not know much about religions other from Buddhism, because I learned about Buddhism in my old school. In the past years I did not learn much… Continue Reading →

Dragon Days Reflection

DRAGON DAYS REFLECTION Designing our project was… Designing our dragon design competition was hard to put together the ideas from everyone. Reasons I liked working with my group One of the reasons I liked working with my group was that… Continue Reading →

日本語 – 気象情報

Plants in Space

There are some issues with space exploration, and one of them are poisons. There are a few ways of overcoming that problem, and I will introduce two of them and choose one that is better. One of the ways to… Continue Reading →

Japanese Myth Izanami & Izanagi

In drama we have to find and re write a myth, folk tale, or a legend from our home country. I chose to do Izanami and Izanagi from Japan. They are the gods of creations. They stirred the ocean with… Continue Reading →

Drama DIY Program reflection

In drama we just did a DIY program assessment. We worked in groups of two or three, and my partner was Risa. We did a DIY show on how to make letter charms using Oyumaru. Here is our video ↓… Continue Reading →

Drama Informative Speech Reflection

In drama class I did an informative speech on Japanese uniforms. Here is my video ↓ I think I did pretty good with the use of fact, and my speech was organised in a time line. I also think I… Continue Reading →


  In english class we just finished a class on censorship. After this unit I think censorship is to ban something or change something from certain people. In this unit we learned about why people censor things, about euphemism, a… Continue Reading →

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