exciting and scary Adventure.


The activity that was exciting and scary  ??

Yes,it was.The name of the exciting and scary adventure is EX ADVENTURE!!!!!!!                They have courses on the tree,(How high was it?)  ~15 meters.It’s a challenge of your courage,and balance.We did EX ADVENTURE on the second day,before we went canoeing.I thought it was easy to finish ,but when I actually go ,I knew it was harder than what I thought.The first few courses were just ok,not easy,not difficult,but it got harder and harder when I move forward.Some courses looked difficult,but actually they weren’t so hard to go.I’d got scary when I looked down,I thought: it’s so high, and it’s swinging,I’m gonna fell down ,how can I get there!(still swinging).

IT REAAAAALLY WAS A BIG BIG CHALLENGE!! But I made it!!! Yeah!! I am a risk taker. HAHAHAHA!!!(finish)


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