exhausting Hiking.

We went hiking on the forth day of the field study.It was fun,but also really tired,why it was fun? Because we hiked together,we helped each other,but the most thing that made us fun,were the dogs!!!We had two dogs with us when we were hiking ,one is called Sky(female),one is called Teddy(male).Sky is Teddy’s mother.Teddy was a bit annoying,but we like him a lot, Sky was much better , she was a good mother, I like her too.We went up and got to the top of the mountain,and we went down for a while,and then we went the place that we gonna eat. We ate curry for lunch , it was really really delicious,and tasty.How about the dogs?We just took them away when we were eating lunch because they will eat our lunch if we didn’t do that.I think I’m caring about Sky , because   I let her went fast,and when she wanted to find something,I just let her find,and that was also the time for waiting everybody.

I had a really good time when we went hiking though it was tired.

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