My  favorite activity was canoeing.I and my classmates went canoeing on the second day in our field study,it was raining that day but we played reaaaaaaaaally fun.We also played a game on the lake ,we used a pink shoe for the “ball”,and there was two teems,one was red teem,the other was green teem.The rules are: The teacher will through the shoe,and you need to get it,when you get the shoe,you cannot paddle,but you can pass to teem mates. The goal is a canoe,you need to through the shoe in to the canoe to score a goal.    

Green teem won,but some people fall down,but we couldn’t win without them.Why that I say this is because they fall down when they got the shoe,and they took the shoe,swam to the goal,and just put it in to the canoe.(they swam right behind the canoe so it’s easy to goal.     smart)oh,of course they  felt really cold.When we finished,I used my hot hand to let them feel better . There hands were very coooooold (caring)


  1. I really agree canoeing was super fun! I think your post is good and descriptive about how you felt while canoeing. I have seen that you are caring during school as well, you always seem ready to help people and school.

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