Developing Ideas Reflection

We have been working on how to grow a blog and designing our blog that include three criteria that we chose. I learned many skills to improve my blog that I didn’t know before. For example, how to change the theme of my blog, how to customize the theme and how to change my background colour and header image, ets. My favorite thing was drawing my three design for what my blog is going to look like at the end of the semester on three peice of paper and say why I want to make my blog like that.

The name of the theme that I chose is called “ Emeralds”. I think I chose this because this theme is really simple because there are only two kinds of colours. I also think that this theme is easy to read because there are light colours that let readers feel comfortable. For the header image, I chose the image of STAR WARS clone trooper helmet (phrase 2) because I like to watch STAR WARS.

I think I need to learn a lot of thing to make my blog look like my design drawing. For example, how to change the place for sidebars and widgets, using apps to make cool pictures for header image or for posts.  I think I can learn these new skills by watching youtube videos about blog experts in my free time, and also to ask my friends or teachers if they know how to do these, or find websites about how to make a perfect blog. I am still really interested in menus and sidebars, I think I can still learn more about them.

I learned a lot of thing in design class, but I think there are still billion things that I still need to learn and improve. For example, I need to improve my skills to make better menus, sidebars and widgets. I want to learn how to change the text size and font of my name of the blog. I really enjoyed drawing my design for my blog on a piece of paper because first, I like to draw things on paper and second, it was very exciting that you draw what your blog is going to look like at the end of the semester. I really wish my blog will grow from a seed to a beautiful flower.

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  1. I’m so glad you have so many ideas for what you want to learn! It’s great to see your different strategies for how you might learn how to do these things – some we will discuss in class, but others you might want to watch some YT tutorials too 🙂 Well done Hirotaka!

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