Creating the Solution reflection

In design class, we have been learning about perfecting our blogs and making an about me page in our blog. I have learned how to embed a video from youtube to my blog. I changed my blog theme a few times until I like the theme. My favourite thing was to add different widgets in my blog. I think it was really fun.

I feel really happy about the looks of my blog. It has the same colour as my design drawing, it is simple and easy to read. I think my blog doesn’t look exactly the same as my drawing, but I think it has the main ideas of my design like colours, text size and widgets. So I am happy with my blog.

I think the best thing that I did was adding my menus and posts that go to many places like my youtube channel, my favourite videos and friends’ blog. I think it is a good thing to do because I can get connections with my friends to get ideas and lot of things. Also, I think it is good because people don’t need to search to find my channel, for example, if I want to show a video to my friend, I can just go to my blog and click the link.

My next goal is to make my one theme of my blog to make it more like my design drawing. I want to improve on how I can make a cool, well-organised blog post in my blog. I really enjoyed changing my theme and widgets. I think my blog is slowly changing from a seed to a beautiful flower.

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  1. Great job Hirotaka! You have tons of great information on your About Me page, and it’s wonderful to see how much you’ve enjoyed the process. I’m looking forward to seeing your blog continue to grow!

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