My favourite tutorial video for lego rubber band hand gun

This is the video that I think is my favourite tutorial of how to make a lego rubber band hand gun

I think this was the best video because it was the only one with music and it was the shortest and the most interesting video.The video shows the mechanism clearly and understandable because he is making the handgun mechanism parts step by step to let viewers make and understand the mechanism. He added music in the video instead of he speaking( maybe he doesn’t want to speak…) and also to make the viewers feel nice.

The things in this video that I don’t like :

    1. There is a part where it says that he made it wrong before, so the people making it need to change it. I think it is not good for a tutorial video because it is really boring when you have to make the thing again.
    2.  I think it might be better if he speaks while he is making the gun because it will be more understandable.

This is another video that I like.

I think The video isn’t boring because it is not too long. The video is helpful because there are close up and mechanism showing.

I think there are two things that I don’t like :

  1. The LDD instructions maybe is hard to figure out where the pieces go.
  2.  You need to modify some bricks.

What do you think?



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