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My goals as a designer are to make a sniper scope and a carpet design. I think that if the pattern let the light in a sniper scope reflected by mirrors, then the soldier will be hidden because he doesn’t need to poke his head out. I thought of these ideas when I was in ABC store. I thought it would be cool to have this pattern on a carpet. My motif has changed a  lot during the year, the motif changed because my personal interests(guns, star wars).(in paragraph 3)I think I changed the image because I keep getting new ideas everyday, and want to change the motif to some thing else that is cooler.

The final image:

Photo on 4-15-15 at 2.49 PM #2

The things that I think I did well is on making the pattern and improving it. I think I still need to work on carving techniques like using carving tools more efficiently and the sense about how much ink do I need to print this whole thing because I usually put too much ink on the plate, and it is really hard to fix the problem.

My motif has changed a lot in this unit, it changed from five ideas to three, and then to one, and to a different motif that I made. My final motif was a mix of stairs, the black sky and Egyptian painting. The ‘x’ in the middle was from the Egyptian painting, the straight lines were the ideas of stairs in a libary that I went.

My advice to next year’s 6 grade students is that keep getting ideas from your life, and use them on your art work because the ideas that you see is different from others, and your art work will be unique. I think the most important thing that I learned in this unit was to keep trying until you get the print that you think is the best out of the best.

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