Design reflection Semester 2 Inquiring and analysing Hirotaka Yin

We have been working on making and researching tutorials. I really like making tutorials and also to watch them, I think I am interested in this unit. I have learned about what makes a good tutorial and why. We did a blogpost about My favourite tutorial, and also commented on other people’s blog.(Noa, Eric).

I think that we should make tutorials because it is a great way to show people how to do things. I think tutorials solve the problem of not being able to learn new things without taking lessons. I also think that we should make more video tutorials because a foreigner can understand what the topic is about.This is the tutorial research that I did in this unit:

I think there are many ideas, but I am just going to show you three of them. Firstly, I think it is really important to be simple in the tutorial because the viewers can understand the tutorial more easier, and not being confused by complicated words or pictures. Secondly, I think that if the tutorial is going to be a video or a slide show, it is important that it has high-quality pictures or un-confusing pictures (Confusing pictures: Like too dark, too small…)because the viewers can know where to click or what to do. Finally, I think the tutorial video needs to have some sounds like music or speaking because speaking helps the viewers to understand more, and music can let the viewers relax. This is the presentation that I did in class:

Based on my research, I think I have two main ideas. One is to put music in the tutorial because the music is relaxing, and the viewers will not be bored. The second one is to have good pictures that are not confusing. The reason is that if there are no good pictures, the video will be confusing because the pictures can’t show the ways clearly.

I have learned a lot in this unit, but I still want to learn how to do some editing techniques in imovie and other programs. I want to improve on finding what makes a good tutorial. I really enjoyed researching and making tutorials.

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  1. Great job Hirotaka! I’m glad you have some really strong ideas for your tutorial. Be careful with the music, because sometimes it seems just right (in terms of volume and being able to hear your voice) when you have your headphones on, but actually it can be way too loud. So that’s one that’s important to pay close attention to.

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