Art critique for portrait

The person that I am drawing for my symbolic portrait is called Eddie. He is a nice friend.  I expressed his hobbies such as soccer, baseball etc.  I also expressed his character .  I expressed his hobbies by drawing soccer balls and baseball set. I made the background clear and bright to show he is nice. My style that I chose was pixel art, but I was also influenced by graffiti because I thought the colours were cool, so my portrait is influenced by both styles.

My primary colour was light blue because I wanted to show people Eddie’s character.  I used some smooth paintbrushes to create the feeling of pixel art. I also added graffiti styled colours like light blue and yellow.

I think that the artist’s idea is more important because everybody has a different idea, and that all those ideas can be shown in their drawings. For example, Eric’s portrait is a creative one, he added big ears on the person he is drawing. In Risa’s drawing, she is actually drawing a cat instead of a person which I think is creative and interesting.

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