Dragon Day Reflection

Designing our project was… Fun. I wanted to learn and use adobe after effects motion tracker to edit and put subtitles on the background of the video so it looks cool and professional.
Reasons I liked working with my group Everyone wasn’t shy, and we communicated easily.

Lukus was the leader, I was the editor, Dan, Kai W, Aki, and Airi were all supporting and did their own jobs. It was very easy to share ideas with them, and they wouldn’t just reject it right away.

ATL skills that I used well Communicator, Creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration, organization.
Great moments along the way I finished the video at period 4, and it was rendering. It said it would take about est. 20min, 30min, 40min… and I was really worried because I thought there wouldn’t be enough time for it to render and for lukus to put the music in. But, then it finished rendering and 1 pm, and we were able to finish it just in time.
One thing I learned from another group Sparing time. For us, our schedule was really organized, and there weren’t any extra time after each section. We found it really helpful to have some extra time so we’ll be fine even if there was an error.
Next time, I will Learn more about adobe after effects, so I can do more editing  quicker. As well as being involved in the filming section, and also to actually be a leader.
Something awesome that I contributed I was the only editor that actually knew how to motion track and generally use AE cs5, so i did 90% of the editing of our video, and 10% for Lukus because he added the music. 😛


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