Grade 9 Expeditions reflection

The first day started off by my mind being woken up at 6 o’clock by the alarm and a rushed and almost non-existing breakfast that i ate. Carrying my suitcase down the stairs and the escalators and onto the empty train that was the minatomirai line. A line usually full of people now consisted of only a few businessmen. The bus journey was swift because of the fun and games we played along the way.

The air was freezing, but melting because of the immense enthusiasm of the 9th graders.

First day of the hike was the hardest. The enthusiasm wore off as we went over mountains and valleys. The real disappointment was the ‘campsite’ consisting of a hole called a ‘toilet’ and a wooden house with no running water. Curry was all we had for breakfast and dinner. Lunch was a simple sandwich. Second day was not as hard and the campsite looked a lot more promising. Everyone got up early from the cold night of the muji campsite, and were excited to return to the hotel and jump into the hot spring. Third day to me was the most energetic. We were singing and laughing, some even running to get a glimpse of the ski hill that was above the hotel. We all (most people) ran down and i was one of the first ten to reach the hotel. We dropped off our backpack, grabbed our towels and clothes and ran straight into the onsen.

The learning part of the trip was a lot about learning about the hiking group and sharing our vulnerabilities to be able to understand eachother better. Compared to other groups, i think we spent a lot of time on that, either during the camp fires or during the hike.

Go Rice and Bagels!

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