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Hi! my name is Hirotaka Yin. I am 1/4 Japan, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 North Korean and 1/4 American. I lived in Japan when I was in kindergarden and lived in China from second grade until fifth grade. Now, I live in Tokyo, Japan.

I am a student of Yokohama International school. I think it is a really great school because there are more interesting entertainments than the school I was in before( In China ). I am having fun in YIS with my friends and classmates. When I first came to YIS, I was surprised because there were only 14 students in the class. In china, there are usually 50 students per class. After a few weeks, I made many friends and fit in YIS well.

My hobbies are playing LEGO, playing piano and violin. I had made many LEGO creations like: Lego spaceships and Lego cars.

:( It is called ” Star wars ARC-170 star fighter”. It was a set, but I didn’t get it, so I made it by myself. I also make lego guns, especially sniper rifles like L96A1, Barrett and Jungle carbine.  I take videos for My lego Guns and put them on youtube.

I am really interested in Lego. Usually every time someone says aboutLego, I will listen really carefully. I also like songs like You might think:

My favourite video: Iballistic Squid’s video, Legend of the holy grail, Favourite video for Lego guns: Lego blow back action rubber band gun I hope you like those videos too!
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  1. I really find it interesting reading about your hobbies and i think that you included your youtube channel was very cool and have a great time building lego in the future – David

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