La Famille de Sandra

Vocci Sandra. Elle a 15 ans. Elle est brune et elle a lex yeux marron. Elle a aussi un chat. Il s’appelle Félix. Elle aime beaucoup aller au cinéma.

Volla la mére de Sandra. Elle travaille dans une boutique de souvenirs. Elle a 39(trente neuf) ans.

Voici Etienne, le frère de Sandra. Il a 17(dix-sept) ans, et il est au Texas pour l’instant.

Voila le pére de Sandra. Il travaille dans l’informatique. Il a 42(quarante-deux) ans.

French Book 2 unit 1

Activity 1:

1. Because they are going to the air port to pick her friend up.
2.  She’s 16 years old, she’s tall and have brown hair. She will be wearing a red skirt be and she will carrying a black suitcase.
3. Sandra and Mrs. Lepic went to pick up Pamela.
4. He saw Patricia and thought she was Pamela because she fit the description, too.
5. Patricia was carrying the wrong suitcase.

Activity 2:

1. c
2. e
3. a
4. d
5. b

Activity 3:

1. Il est neuf heures du matin.
2. Comment est-elle?
3. Ça va? Pas trop fatiguée?
4. Tu as fait bon voyage?
5. Je te présente…
6. Excusez-moi…

Activity 4:

Bertrand run to the car and change the suitcase back.

French Chapter 9

Activité 1: Tu as compris?
1. How was Hélène’s weekend?
2. Did Magali have a good weekend? Why? Why not?
3. Do you think Magali likes Ahmed? How can you tell?
4. Why does Magali have to hang up?


1. Helene did her home work, read some books and watch TV during the weekend.
2. Magali had a great weekend, because she went to a village with her friends, Florent and Ahmad.
3. I think so, because they were talking a lot. Also, Ahmed bought her a present.
4. Because her dad need to use the phone.

Activité 2:Magali ou Hélène?

Qui a fait ça, Magali ou Hélène?

  1. aller aux Baux
  2. faire ses devoirs
  3. lire
  4. aller au théâtre antique
  5. regarder la télévision
  6. ne rien faire de spécial


1. Magali
2. Hélène
3. Hélène
4. Magali
5. Hélène
6. Magali

Activité 3: Mets en ordre

Put Magali’s activities in order according to Un week-end spécial.

  1. Elle est allée au théâtre antique.
  2. Elle est allée aux Baux-de-Provence.
  3. Elle a parlé avec Hélène au téléphone.
  4. Elle a rencontré un garçon sympa.


1, 4, 2, 3

Activité 4: C’est qui?
A quelle personne correspond chaque phrase?

1. Cette personne veut téléphoner.
2. Cette personne a passé un bon week-end.
3. Cette personne est super gentille.
4. Pendant le week-end, cette personne n’a rien fait de spécial.
5. Cette personne va téléphoner plus tard.


1. le père de Magali
2. Magali
3. Ahmed
4. Hélène
5. Magali

Activité 5: Cherche les expressions
According to Un week-end spécial, what do you say in French …

1. to answer the phone?
2. to identify yourself on the phone?
3. to ask if someone had a good weekend?
4. to ask what someone did?
5. to tell someone to hold?
6. to ask what happened?


1. Allô?
2. C’est… à l’appareil.
3. Tu as passé un bon week-end?
4. Qu’est-ce que tu as fait?
5. Attends une seconde.
6.Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé?

Activité 6: Et maintenant, à toi
What do you think happened to Magali at les Baux?

She got a boy friend.

Les habitudes alimentaires de mon camarade Lukus

Lukus manges beaucoup du poisson, des hamburgers, et des riz. Il bois toujours de lait. Il aime le fast food, le jus de pomme et des riz. Il manges beaucoup des légumes et des fruits.

Mon évaluation

Voilà mon évaluation.

Lukus mange très bien parce que il mange beaucoup des légumes et des fruits. Il boit beaucoup du lait. Lukus mange aussi beaucoup des riz.Il mange beaucoup du poisson.

Mes recommandations

Voilà mes recommandations.

Lukus ne dois pas beaucoup de fast food, parce que ce n’est pas bon pour toi.



Student Led Conferences(SLC) 2016-2017 G8

Showcase Portfolio

--By Adam Yun

Communication Skills:

Even through it still need to be improved, I am very successful in communication comparing to last school year. This is mainly because of 2 reasons:

  1. My English got improved. This is very important since it will  makes me have the ability to show my idea more clearly and accurate. Also, at will make the misunderstanding less than before.
  2. Practice from the assessment. To get better at the skills of communication and speaking, we need practice, especially in group project because you need to communicate and collaborate well as a member of the group. I had been practicing with out knowing those skills in the group project

Group projects:

Drama: Commedia dell’arte

Math Casino project

Class discussions in:
Art, Science, And more…

Drama play

Music project in the future…

In art class, we learned that how to show our point in artworks.

In Science, we did a infographic(信息图表 in Chinese) to show a effect of Acid Rain

In English, we learned that how to communicate with symbols.

Skellig, by David Almond

In Math, we learn to show information by making a poster.

Speech in I&S about religion & Development of a country(what is a good life)


Social Skills


We collaborate a lot in almost all subjects to do projects: Science, French, Drama…



Creative thinking

We mainly learnt creative thinking in Drama. We have to think and creative Lazzi and a play.

In Art class, we have to be creative in both Cri.A and Cri.C for brain storming ideas.

Critical thinking

In the I&S Country Development unit, I learnt the basic ways to analysis a country, and life of the citizens who live there. We learnt what makes a country good, and some problems that the country is facing.

In PE class, we analysed 2 videos from 4 to show the understanding of  principles for both attacking and defending. Both of them have 3 inside.


Transfer is very important in real life since that is the purpose of learning.

I transfer the defensive principles of play, especially compact, in the basketball matches. It works a lot since I am mainly defending the area near the basket, which is the easiest place to score, and this principle made me defence well.

In art class last year, we learnt show to show the emphasis by shape, size and colour. This year, when I was making the slide show for what is the best metal for bike frame, I used colour to show the important information.

Also, I reflect myself in Basketball, which we learnt a lot about in middle school.



Even through I still need improvement on this one, I had been improved than last year of balancing the working time(HW, Piano, Reading…) and free time(games, videos, general having fun). This improvement come from one objective factor and a subjective factor. The objective factor is that we got more HW in class than last year, and the subjective factor is that I think I need to work harder than last year since from next year, we will become very busy since we will be in high school.

Also, we have to organise our time well in class, too. This mainly happens in art, as we were making clay works, we have to organise our time wisely since there are a lot of work to be done in a short time.

Affective Skill

Affective Skill is all about controlling my own emotion. I think I need to work on that a lot since I am emotional, which makes me hurt other people around me.


I am always reflect myself a lot, both in positive way and negative way. Also, I always reflect myself out side school. For example, I always reflect myself in basketball this season.


Information literacy.

I had been improved on researching than last year since I kind of find out the pattern of researching with Google, which make me get the information I need faster. I did this by reading the description relate to my key works on Google.

Media literacy

In this year, we learnt a lot of information from the media other than text.


We watched videos in class for learning in Drama, Science, I&S, English, PE and more. Also, in French, we use song to learn French, too.

Overall goal(smart goal)

1. Manage my time for sleeping more wisely.(go to bed earlier fall a sleep)

2. Make more friends.

3. Think more positively and adjust myself when things went wrong.

French: AV1 Chap.8 Mise en train


1. lunch time
2. She wants her to go shopping foods for her
3. vegetables, rice, fish, bread, tomato paste.
4. someone come to their house


1. faux
2. vrai
3. faux
5. faux


1. b
2. d
3. e
4. a
5. c


1. aminata
2. Mme Diomandé
3. Djeneba
4. Djeneba
5. Mme Diomandé


1. Encore du pain?
2. Non, merci. Je n’ai plus faim.
3. Tu me fais le marché?
4. Il me faut…
5. Bon, d’accord.


My parents usually shop at night after dinner. They always go to Nakameguro station since there are a lot of places for buying things.

Expanding My Comfort Zone–G8 Expedition, Minakami

Expanding My Comfort Zone G8 Expedition(reflection)


For the expedition this year, I expanded my comfort zone a lot, which is also the aim of this year. A lot of things are actually really challenging for me since I am afraid of height. However, for the first day, I challenged myself by going every activities. For the first day, we got canyoning in the morning and rafting in the afternoon. Canyoning is actually more challenging in general. However, since jumping from high places takes away a lot of energy, and I did not have a lot of it in the afternoon, I actually did fine in canyoning, since we still have two jumping in rafting. Even through I jumped both in rafting, I procrastinate a lot.


img_2627      img_2630


However, after the jump, I feel happy and confident, and I don’t think it is hard as I thought it will be.

I think in real life, challenging ourself are very important because this will make you more confident, which is important in real life because it will make you always stay positive and inspire others. This is an element for leadership.

Also, after you did a thing that you are not comfortable with, you feel good. In the other hand, if you didn’t do it, you will be afraid if it more and more.

Lastly, it will be a good practice of controlling your fear.

YIS MS Dragon Days

Designing our project was awesome, fun, difficult to be creative and challenging!

Reasons I liked working with my group is because we collaborate with each other well and came up a lot of crazy ideas which was fun.

ATL skills that I used well were communication skills, collaboration skIlls, media literacy skills, and reflection skills.

Great moments along the way were: 1st, brainstorming ideas that we were going to do for the project. 2nd, after the poster were done. 3rd, making the 3D model for the mini turf. 4th, at the presentation time!!!

One thing I learned from another groupthink more creative, like more crazy and random, but good idea.

Next time, I will think more at the first place, maybe expand more on the ideas the others had or put together two ideas to make something new.

Something awesome that I contributed are: 1st, the nets for the 3D model. 2nd, the 2nd poster I made for the project. 3rd, brainstorming for the money sources.



The 2D model of our project: Mini Turf


We are the Unbelievable Demons!!!