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Video for Music class2 — Adam

This is a video of I playing the Piano Sonata No.8 Op.13 Rondo by Beethoven. I think this one is better than the last one because I practice some more.

For every time, First, I always play Hannon to warm my fingers up. Than, for this piece of music, First, I play it in a very slow speed for one time. And than, normal speed: to find out where was the place that I always make mistakes.

After that, I play that part for 3 times. If it still did not works, I will play it in slow speed. Sometimes, I played the hands  separately. Maybe this part my left hand always got mixed up, I will play the left hand for a few times.

Also, I worked on some new part of the music, too.

The smart goals

The smart goals

In Field Study, we sate two smart goals. One for My Academic Based SMART Goal. Main is:

  1st: To get better at speaking, reading and writing English. Than, I can make more friends. I can get better by read more books and study more new words. Maybe 30min or more for each day.

2nd:  Get better at playing the piano. Practice more, maybe 1 hour or more per day.

The second goal is My Community Based SMART Goal. Main is:

Chat more with others. Be more friendly and always help others.

  Start more after school activity do students can try out more things and find out what they really like and do it more. That ways, the school life will be more fun!

  I think maybe school can build an activity office. If a person think for a new activity and many people think it’s a good idea, the person who came up the idea can go to the office and ask to start it.