Drama 7.3 : Storytelling Time : A folk tail, Legend or a Myth from your country!

A Chinese myth: Pangu breaking the sky

I think because people did not know how did the sky and the ground got separate, so they came up this story.

The story line: once upon a time, when the sky and the ground haven’t been separate, there a one giant –Pangu –slept there — one hundred and eight thousand years — one day — he wake up — use a big axe and cut in to the darkness 38dbb6fd5266d016d7285758942bd40735fa3589

— all the things separate in to two part: the heavy and muddy things change in to the ground and the clear and light things change in to the sky — but he think the sky and the ground will get together again, so, he use his hand and head to carried the sky and step on the ground to keep it down



everyday, the sky got higher and higher, and Pangu got taller and taller. After years and years, one day, the sky would not get down with the ground again — Pangu — tired — fall to the ground.

His breath — change in to the wind and the cloud.    his voice — thunder  his eyes — the moon and the sun  his skin–the earth  his blood–river…

His whole body change in to the universe.

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