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Science: Plants in Space

Plants and Clean Water in Outer Space

As you know, living in space is very hard because getting things for living like water, food and oxygen, are hard. People always just get it from earth because of two reasons. The first reason is that you can not find water in Mars. All the planet in the Solar System do not have water there, so people just bring it. Water is so important to life, but space ships do not have that much space for take that much water, so they always recycle the water since it’s so hard to take water to the space stations and also very expensive. The recycling works a lot and the times water bring to the stations got a lot less than before. This is the first way and the only way for getting water to space.


The water bags from earth

  However, I come out an idea by myself of take some kind of plants which can filter the water. After taking in to outer space, the water from the comet which get near the planet can be used and even drinkable by using that plant to filter. It will be very useful if the planet are very far away from earth and it’s really hard to use the technology at that time to travel a lot of time between earth and that planet, like the moon, Mars or even Jupiter with the technology now. It will be a good way because the time for the ship to come from earth is takes so long. It will also be very useful when if there need water urgently and can not wait for the water to came from earth.

  According to an article from the Oxford Journal (an new paper), the algae’s turf can clean the water near it by scrubbing it. The article said it will be a good way to stop the water pollution. Also, it said, when it’s cleaning the water with the solar energy which produced a biofuel. They said farm wastes, streams, large aquaculture systems, and even the tertiary sewage; rates as large as 40 million to 80 million L per day (They did not said how much algae they used for cleaning water, but I think the information it showed are real because some other article said the same thing.)

  So that means if there are a sun or a planet like sun and also some water, the algae can grow larger by photosynthesis which is like get the energy from the sunlight and water, and make glucose. The glucose can make the plant grow bigger. Also, it will get bigger than the plants on earth because the radiation in the space. The bigger it get, more water will be cleaned. Also, it can give the people in the outer space oxygen and it’s really important since there are no oxygen in outer space.

  In conclusion, I think it depends on where and how long is the space ship go. If it’s going to a place which is very close to earth, it’s better to get the O and water by transporting it from earth because it’s really hard to get one comet for the water. But if it is a real far away from the earth, using comet will be a good idea because by the time the spaceship can get that far, the technology will be a lot better than now and it is possible to find and catch a comet. Also, it will solve the problem of the oxygen.


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