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French class: Chapter 7: La Famile

1. Isabelle and Thuy were talking about Isabelle’s family, like her grand parents, her parent, her aunt and uncles, brothers and cousins.

2. Isabelle have a brother who named Alexandre.

3.She has three cousins.

4. She mentions her grand parents, her parents, her aunt and uncles.

5. She was annoyed by her brother a lot.


1. Julie a huit ans. (Julie is 8 years old.) True.

2. Julie est blonde. (Julie have blond hair.) False.

3. Les cousins d’Isabelle habitent à Paris. (Isabelle’s cousins live in Paris) False.

4. Tante Véronique n’a pas d’animaux. (Tante Véronique does not have a animal) False.

5. Thuy a un frère. (Thuy have a brother) False.


1. B) Alexandre

2. A)

3. C)

4. D)


1. For asking permission in French, we said Je peux.

2. For identify family members in French, we said C’est.

3. For describing someone in French, we said Ce sont.

4. For paying a compliment in French, we said elle est très intelligente.

5. For telling someone’s age in French, we said II/Elle a… ans.

6. For complaining about someone in French, we said II best parfois pènible.


We both have cousins, uncles and aunts. I only have two cousins, and Isabelle have three. Isabelle have a brother, and I did not have any siblings.