YIS MS Dragon Days

Designing our project was awesome, fun, difficult to be creative and challenging!

Reasons I liked working with my group is because we collaborate with each other well and came up a lot of crazy ideas which was fun.

ATL skills that I used well were communication skills, collaboration skIlls, media literacy skills, and reflection skills.

Great moments along the way were: 1st, brainstorming ideas that we were going to do for the project. 2nd, after the poster were done. 3rd, making the 3D model for the mini turf. 4th, at the presentation time!!!

One thing I learned from another groupthink more creative, like more crazy and random, but good idea.

Next time, I will think more at the first place, maybe expand more on the ideas the others had or put together two ideas to make something new.

Something awesome that I contributed are: 1st, the nets for the 3D model. 2nd, the 2nd poster I made for the project. 3rd, brainstorming for the money sources.



The 2D model of our project: Mini Turf


We are the Unbelievable Demons!!!

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