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Expanding My Comfort Zone–G8 Expedition, Minakami

Expanding My Comfort Zone G8 Expedition(reflection)


For the expedition this year, I expanded my comfort zone a lot, which is also the aim of this year. A lot of things are actually really challenging for me since I am afraid of height. However, for the first day, I challenged myself by going every activities. For the first day, we got canyoning in the morning and rafting in the afternoon. Canyoning is actually more challenging in general. However, since jumping from high places takes away a lot of energy, and I did not have a lot of it in the afternoon, I actually did fine in canyoning, since we still have two jumping in rafting. Even through I jumped both in rafting, I procrastinate a lot.


img_2627      img_2630


However, after the jump, I feel happy and confident, and I don’t think it is hard as I thought it will be.

I think in real life, challenging ourself are very important because this will make you more confident, which is important in real life because it will make you always stay positive and inspire others. This is an element for leadership.

Also, after you did a thing that you are not comfortable with, you feel good. In the other hand, if you didn’t do it, you will be afraid if it more and more.

Lastly, it will be a good practice of controlling your fear.

YIS MS Dragon Days

Designing our project was awesome, fun, difficult to be creative and challenging!

Reasons I liked working with my group is because we collaborate with each other well and came up a lot of crazy ideas which was fun.

ATL skills that I used well were communication skills, collaboration skIlls, media literacy skills, and reflection skills.

Great moments along the way were: 1st, brainstorming ideas that we were going to do for the project. 2nd, after the poster were done. 3rd, making the 3D model for the mini turf. 4th, at the presentation time!!!

One thing I learned from another groupthink more creative, like more crazy and random, but good idea.

Next time, I will think more at the first place, maybe expand more on the ideas the others had or put together two ideas to make something new.

Something awesome that I contributed are: 1st, the nets for the 3D model. 2nd, the 2nd poster I made for the project. 3rd, brainstorming for the money sources.



The 2D model of our project: Mini Turf


We are the Unbelievable Demons!!!

French class: Chapter 7: La Famile

1. Isabelle and Thuy were talking about Isabelle’s family, like her grand parents, her parent, her aunt and uncles, brothers and cousins.

2. Isabelle have a brother who named Alexandre.

3.She has three cousins.

4. She mentions her grand parents, her parents, her aunt and uncles.

5. She was annoyed by her brother a lot.


1. Julie a huit ans. (Julie is 8 years old.) True.

2. Julie est blonde. (Julie have blond hair.) False.

3. Les cousins d’Isabelle habitent à Paris. (Isabelle’s cousins live in Paris) False.

4. Tante Véronique n’a pas d’animaux. (Tante Véronique does not have a animal) False.

5. Thuy a un frère. (Thuy have a brother) False.


1. B) Alexandre

2. A)

3. C)

4. D)


1. For asking permission in French, we said Je peux.

2. For identify family members in French, we said C’est.

3. For describing someone in French, we said Ce sont.

4. For paying a compliment in French, we said elle est très intelligente.

5. For telling someone’s age in French, we said II/Elle a… ans.

6. For complaining about someone in French, we said II best parfois pènible.


We both have cousins, uncles and aunts. I only have two cousins, and Isabelle have three. Isabelle have a brother, and I did not have any siblings.

Science: Plants in Space

Plants and Clean Water in Outer Space

As you know, living in space is very hard because getting things for living like water, food and oxygen, are hard. People always just get it from earth because of two reasons. The first reason is that you can not find water in Mars. All the planet in the Solar System do not have water there, so people just bring it. Water is so important to life, but space ships do not have that much space for take that much water, so they always recycle the water since it’s so hard to take water to the space stations and also very expensive. The recycling works a lot and the times water bring to the stations got a lot less than before. This is the first way and the only way for getting water to space.


The water bags from earth

  However, I come out an idea by myself of take some kind of plants which can filter the water. After taking in to outer space, the water from the comet which get near the planet can be used and even drinkable by using that plant to filter. It will be very useful if the planet are very far away from earth and it’s really hard to use the technology at that time to travel a lot of time between earth and that planet, like the moon, Mars or even Jupiter with the technology now. It will be a good way because the time for the ship to come from earth is takes so long. It will also be very useful when if there need water urgently and can not wait for the water to came from earth.

  According to an article from the Oxford Journal (an new paper), the algae’s turf can clean the water near it by scrubbing it. The article said it will be a good way to stop the water pollution. Also, it said, when it’s cleaning the water with the solar energy which produced a biofuel. They said farm wastes, streams, large aquaculture systems, and even the tertiary sewage; rates as large as 40 million to 80 million L per day (They did not said how much algae they used for cleaning water, but I think the information it showed are real because some other article said the same thing.)

  So that means if there are a sun or a planet like sun and also some water, the algae can grow larger by photosynthesis which is like get the energy from the sunlight and water, and make glucose. The glucose can make the plant grow bigger. Also, it will get bigger than the plants on earth because the radiation in the space. The bigger it get, more water will be cleaned. Also, it can give the people in the outer space oxygen and it’s really important since there are no oxygen in outer space.

  In conclusion, I think it depends on where and how long is the space ship go. If it’s going to a place which is very close to earth, it’s better to get the O and water by transporting it from earth because it’s really hard to get one comet for the water. But if it is a real far away from the earth, using comet will be a good idea because by the time the spaceship can get that far, the technology will be a lot better than now and it is possible to find and catch a comet. Also, it will solve the problem of the oxygen.


“Water on the Space Station.” Web log post. – NASA Science. N.p., 6 Apr. 2011. Web. 14 June 2016.

Adey, Walter H., Patrick C. Kangas, and Walter Mulbry. “Algal Turf Scrubbing: Cleaning Surface Waters with Solar Energy While Producing a Biofuel.”Oxford Journals. N.p., 2011. Web.

I&S Class: Child Labor(NOT DONE)

Do you know Child Labor? It means children works in factories. It was started from the Industrial Revolution. The owner of the factories use them because they are much cheaper than the adults and easier to replace. They worked really hard but get so little. They get poor food and very little money. You must be thinking why they want to go to those factories. Well, there are two mean reasons: First, the owner of the factories lie to them. They said those children will get a better life, like have three meals a day and the food will be good. Second, to help their family earn money.


G7 U2 Task5 – Blues & 7th Chords Challenge

Blues & 7th Chords Challenge



So, basically, this is the 7th chords in the blues. It means: First, you play 4 sounds each time. Second,  you make the 7th note (The 4th sounds in the chord) flat.



How to recognise it? Well, it always have a 7 behind the major note like C7. You find it both in the pictures both form the top and bottom of this line.

Down below in the bass line and the chords.



Here is the video I played. Check it out.


I think I did a good job. This bass line is kind of easy and I got it with a few practices. I played all the things correct, but the only thing is that for next time, maybe I can play it more consistently so it do not sounds like pieces and pieces but a melody.


Protected: G7 U2 Task 5 – Blues & 7th Chords Challenge

I&S class: Child Labor



March 10th, 1856, MONDAY

The Litigate about Child Labor

by  Adam Yun



James Hardy, the leader of a factory in U.K.. At before, he is one of the people who use children to be workers because they are cheap, easy to replace and can go in to some small places to work which adults can not. But accidents aways happened and nearly one half of the children got hurt by working with machines! James tried working without children, and the factory worked fine. So James started to be against child labor.

James Hardy is born in 1816 in London, England. Both if James’ parents were come from a noble family and he had a really good education when he is little. When he is 18, he started his own factory,the Hardy’s Textile like everyone in British did at that time.

Once, he heard about a man called Sam Washington, an owner of Washington Brothers and Co., had begin to use children to be worker. They said it is cheaper and can go in to some tiny corner like chimney and clear it. So James started to use children for working. But seen he found out nearly one half of the children got hurt by the machines. Some of them even died! So he stopped using children immediately and started to stop people from get children workers. Now, James is doing research and works for stopping Child Labor.

This mouth, James Hardy is going to litigate Sam Washington in Yokohama International School in Japan!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.02.09 PM

The empathy map for Child Labor. Information from James Hardy.

Image Resources:,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNGJIfcB3qbeD7IYK26oQgC7uLs1TA&ust=1457587923485741&cad=rjt

Journalist: Adam Yun

A reporter form Yokohama

Daily Herald

Playing the Blues

Music class G7 U2 the blues Task 4 – Bass Line Challenge in C

Now we are learning the blues in MUSIC CLASS and this is chords. All of them all 12 bars(CCCC FFCC GFCC). For all the videos below, them all have the same chord, but different bass line.




This is the most easy one.I played the bass line on the top with left hand and chord with right hand.



This is the medium one. The chord is the same, but the bass line became more hard.



The hard one. The chord music is the same and the bass line changed again.



This is the most hard one. Mr.Johnston haven’t teach us the chord of this. So he asked us to just play to bass line. Here is the video. Check it out:

This one is better then the first three, but my rhythm is still bad. Maybe I will work on it by using a lot metronome.


To improve, I need more practice. I can just get maybe one or two bars which I always make mistakes and play them again and again. Also, my rhythm is not very good so I have to practice that. I can practice with metronome. First, use a slow speed in the metronome and practice. Then faster and faster. This “solution” works all the time.



I&S class: Industrial Revolution Map





How did the Industrial Revolution changed the world?

Because in the Industrial Revolution, machines are invented and used in life. It made things go more efficient, which made the way people lived and the whole system of society changed a lot. You can get much more things in the sometime. So poor people can get more things because when one thing get more and more, it changed cheaper. Also, poor people can get more because there are enough things for everyone.

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