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GCD Wilderness Engagement I

Hiking expedition inĀ Nyingchi, Tibet(2016). ImageĀ taken by teachers leading us when hiking.

As a student who has been participating in plentiful campings and hikes, I enjoy wilderness engagements a lot. Nature always gives me a sense of peacefulness and harmony. I had been enjoying and engaging with wilderness on vacations with DE, an organization from China specialized on researching about education. The organization has been in the lead of educating children and adolescents skills that are necessary for living, yet cannot be easily well-learned in school. From the hikes I did with them, one of the most essential skills I had learned was taking responsibility of a group of people.

Camping in Qilian Mountain Grassland, Qinghai

Reflection of the Niigata Hike

During the October of 2018, all grade nine students, including myself, went to Niigata for a three-day-hike. Even through personally, I am a experienced hiker, there are still learnings occurred during this experience. Therefor, this reflection will be focusing on explaining and analyzing personal learnings during this experience, including specific outdoor skills and social skills.

This outdoor skill I improved the most is hiking in wet condition. The region we hiked in have a high % of moisture, which caused the road to be muddy, which therefor slippery. Image 2 below shows how the slope plus the wetness made hiking very challenging. Even through I do have many hiking and outdoor experience, hiking in slippery condition is my weakness. Additionally, I usually hike with my hiking stick, which I did not use during this experience. This makes finding balance for everyone in the hike very difficult.Image 2: Slippery muddy “road” with very steep slope.

I overcome this challenge by being extra careful, and making wise choices for the place for landing my feet. This idea is very easy to think about, but wasn’t very simple when taking actual action. Additionally, from my experience with hiking previously, walking in slippery condition is always my weakness. The practices and exercises provided by this opportunity improved my personally skills a lot.

Second, I think this opportunity enhance my social skills and friendship. This opportunity provided me the chance of trusting my classmate and vice verse in a way that never happened before. Team-work is required during both the hike and back in the campsite. An example will be my “tent-mate” and I need to build a tent together. My knowledge about camping supported me be the role of a leader, and teach others about the skills. This enhance the trust between my classmates and I, which therefore enhance my friendship.