Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs Nurture is the debate of weather or not someones behavior, physical appearance or ability to do something is because of their genes or because it was how they grow up. Nature, meaning there is someone in their family that has the same behavior as them, they were just born with it. Nurture meaning, this person was taught this specific behavior.

I think that most of the time ones behavior is because its surroundings. For example, in the Cambridge study children were disguised in the opposite gender and given to strangers to play with. As a result, the child dressed in boys clothes were given the trucks and cars, and the children dressed in the girls clothes were given dolls. The kids who received the toys often rejected them because it wasn’t to their liking, or because it was a toy for the other gender. This shows that the parents influence their children to like or do specific things. What these strangers did to the kids is what they would do to their own children. And parents being the main influencers of their kids life, the kids would take it in a get used to the behavior.

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