Expeditions Reflection

This field studies, we went to Niigata for five days. For three of those five days, we were to go hiking, carrying all of our clothes and tents in hiking backpacks. During these three days, I learned that I should go outdoors more often. I found myself being uncomfortable quickly into the hike and starting to complain. Most of my time is spent indoors, where we have the luxury of having electricity, running water and air conditioning. In the wilderness, there was none of that, so that made it hard to adjust.

This was also one of my challenges. I wasn’t used to the slippery trails of the mountains and the cold winds. I found it hard to take in the beautiful nature around me when there was a steep incline or decline. Another challenge of mine was having the courage to starts a conversation with someone who I didn’t really talk too. Going into this trip, I already knew this is something I wanted to work on. But when actually there, I was scared that if I started a conversation with someone, it would turn awkward quickly. But in the last two days of the hike, I was able to achieve this. I was able to do this because of the small group activates we would do during the hike, which helped me develop my interpersonal school.

Going on this hike made me realize that nature and the wilderness are very beautiful and should be recognized more. I would like to make it a goal of mine to go out more often and take in the beautiful scenery more often rather than looking at a screen.



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