Spanish Phase 1 Reflection

In the Phase one I am the most proud of taking notes and learning new skills by practicing  during class by interaction with classmates. The constant notetaking helped me advance my learning since during class I was always involved with the conversation. This has allowed me to participate in the class point game where we try to get the most points. The note taking has expand my vocabulary and sentence structure aiding my team in this game. As a result of this I have gone unbeaten with my team for the whole year.

I consider myself I a Spanish speaker since I have studied the language and can speak it. However, I do not consider myself to be a fluent speaker since I still have a lot trouble pronouncing words and using adjective noun agreement. I still have many things to learn and improve like conjugation with two verbs, conditional verb tense and imperative very tense.


If I could do this course again I would study at more at home to make sure I can remember the material better. I would also use HRW more to help my pronunciation and to practice listening and reading tests. I would also use more resources online to help spelling and writing.

One concrete action I can take to make sure I am prepared for phase two is that I could bring my notebook  on summer vacation and look at every day for at least 10 minutes to study. Another concrete action I could take is to reorganize my notes so I can find what I am looking for easier.  I could also log into HRW every other day for at least 10 minutes to listen to Spanish so I can Chevere.

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