January 2016 archive

Tsuchi Ningyo 3 focus parts

My Tsuchi Ningyo 3  focus parts are, page 2 line 3, page 3 line 4, page 3 line 3.  I worked on the shan tens because I was making the mistakes of the combination with the ten and the eleven!

I think I did better at the shan tens than last week. This is because I practiced the most on my sha-sha-ten!

Throughout the practice I noticed that I was idiomatically memorizing the notes for the sha sha tens! So, I think that I did better on my sha sha ten compared to last time.




Koto goals blog post 1

My goals are to get better at the sha sha ten. Because I could not memorize the correct notes of the sha sha tens.

My three focus parts are the, page 2 line 3, page 3 line 4, and page 3 line 3. Because I had the hardest time in page 3 and page 2.

Through the video taking, I messed up the sha ten. which was page 2 line 3. The cause was that I could not remember what was the correct notes for the sha sha tens.

Art unit 1 Final Reflection

I learned the skills of creating highlights and shadows. The highlight skill helped me by making the portrait more realistic by making the face look three dimensional. In my first portrait I barely had any highlights to make it look realistic. The shadows also helped me by making the portrait look more realistic. Like highlights, shadows made it more three dimensional.

I met the criteria for thinking independently when earlier in the year I decided to get a new seat partner. I did this after talking to my teacher after parent-teacher conferences when I realized that I needed to move seats because my seat partner and I liked to talk too much and I was not focusing on my work. I met the criteria for anticipating and overcoming difficulties a couple times.  The first was when I accidentally drew my self portrait with too many shadows and could not erase all of the shadows.  To fix this I erased the shadows from the corners carefully so I would not rip the paper. Also, when my pencil lead kept breaking when I was sharpening and using it instead of putting it back in the box for someone else I took it to Mr. Reed and told him it was broken.

My self portrait represents me because it has a lot of details that describe my personality. Especially my hair and my favorite ribbon hair band. I think it describes my personality because it shows what I like. Also I think the expression on my face shows my personality because it shows that I am squinting my eyes a little showing that I am not very strong to lights that flash. Also I have that little smile that personally means that I was trying to smile but the lights were very bright.

I think my creative thinking skills are what I do best in art class because when I make a mistake it usually turns what I am working on into a better work. But I also want to work on my organizations skills because sometimes I don’t plan or organize what is going to happen very well.  I usually get confused and make mistakes on my artwork and have a hard time to overcoming it. But the creativity skills help me to make my art work better, although sometimes the art work turns into a disaster and I need to start over.