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I think that I will need to improv to organize my locker. To accomplish my goal I will…

  • Put the magnet organizer (box or more like a basket) in my locker.
  • Put my schedule, extra pencil, hair band, pasmo, phone and other needed Items in my organizer.
  • Bringing home what I do not need.
  • Go early in the morning and throw away my trash.

I think I could accomplish my goal because I am sure theses tips will help me.

Drama improvisational class games

Park bench

You will need to explain that there is a park bench and that the students are to take on a character who comes into the scene and try to act together

Start the scene with one person, adding the others at suitable intervals.

Encourage students to let the scene run a little, before going to the scene in with their characters.

Taxi Driver

This is game when you will need to be the customer of the “taxi”.

For this game their will be only 2 passengers, the two passengers will need to act one of the characters,

  • A secretive British agent.
  • A snobby Opera singer.
  • A hyper 4 year old.
  • A friendly, overly talkative old woman.

The cab driver adopts the personality traits of his customer. When a new performer (a new passenger) enters the scene, the cab driver and the other passengers emulate the new personality or behavior of the character. The passengers explain to the driver where they are going and what they plan to do.