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blog post 2

  1.  I think that I will stop using the tab for a long time while showering, washing hands, washing dishes, and other usage of water. I think that I will tell my family to as possible while they wash their hands, vegetables, and other water usage.
  2.  To Mr. Coutts,  I think that in YIS, (cafeteria, bathroom) I think that people use the tabs while they wash their hands or washing an object. I think people will waste extra water everyday. To help this problem, I think that we should posters around the cafeteria and in the bathroom about stoping the tab while washing your hands and other objects.
  3. I will agree to the statement. I agree because a lot of people waste a lot of water every year, day, hour, minute, and second in the world. I also agree because the glaciers is melting by the global warming.
  4. I think that water shapes our culture, how people play at the beach or when they play sports there is a lot of water sports that I will think that shapes the culture now.



My two ATL skills

I think I did best on creative thinker and organization skills.

2. I think I did best with my Organization skill because if you look at my poster, you will see that it is organized and it is very clean.


My poster

I also thought that I chose my creative thinking because I thought that if me and my partner drew the water drops and the bottle on the poster since it would look messy. So I printed water drops  and a water bottle and cut it and glued it on the poster. As  you see on the poster.

3. I think that I struggled on the organization ATL skill. Because I was confused if I should put the graph in the bottom or the top since I did not where every thing go.

4. poster image Image of the poster

Reflecting on the process, preparing for the performance

I focused on the sha sha ten but I broke my arm so I could not participate the concert.  But, I improved when I memorised the lyrics for the sha sha ten part since the sha sha ten note changes. And I also got faster to do the sha sha ten before I broke my arm. I still cant keep the rhythm. Which I play the beat and the notes fast. To stay on the beat I think that I should stayed on the beat.

I think next I should write the homework assignment sheet when I practised. Since I forgot to return it. Also I think I should of practised more time on the koto. I was a little lazy and did not do some practise for 1 hour like every day, instead I practiced for 15 or 20 minutes since I was also very busy.

I could not participated on the concert since I broke my arm. But, I think that in the video of the concert the beat was getting fast and slow some parts. I think that I will work on the beat since it is a common, and very hard mistake to improve. I also think that at the end a few people tried to stand up and bow but some did not and everyone sat down and bowed. So, I think that next time if I was going to go on stage, I will make contact and remind the team the plan. But I also think that there were not many koto mistakes for a note. And also I did not hear a squeaky or a unpleasant sound while the concert.