May 2016 archive

Drama speech relection

I thought that I did a great job at the details of what had happened in the past. But I thought I did not do a great job on my face impression. But I did a good job on the volume while the speech. I thought that I did a great job on the words or how I did not stop and struggle with my speech and practised my words before the speech (at home). But I still think I should work on my face impression and add some more interesting facts since the speech will be more boring if I did not come up with interesting facts(for my speech).


Pia’s speech:

I like how you told how you got told and how was the situation when Thea went on her plane. I also like how Pia tld some funny and interesting facts about the “fire show”! Finally I loved how at the end she said that she will miss her and trust her and other short quotes a the end.


An Normal street movie :P

Today 6c started a film study in English. We learned different angles and other movie making skills. Me and my group shot from angels such as: Wide shot, medium, and high angle. the first shot we took a normal medium shot. The next shot we did an wide shot. Finally we did a high angle. Taking the photos was challenging But, I think our group did a good job.




high angle