Art Reflection:)

I choose my best friend, Mia (Nakagawa) for my portrait. I choose Mia because, She has been my best friend. We have been best friends since when I was a toddler (3 years old), and we are still best friends! She is important to me because we have a lot of childhood memories together that we share. Mia loves: dogs, disney, harry potter and hates cats. What I realized about her personality in about 9 years, is that she usually hides stuff (not in a bad way). Example: When she feels sad she smiles and just say that she is “okay” even if she is not. She is also usually honest when we fight (We fight rarely). She asks me if she did something wrong or if she was moody or something similar to that. (Even if I am the one who was a little moody).  Mia loves sports and she is usually active. She loves: volleyball, basket ball, dancing and other activities. Mia is the one who is always not shy and are always confident  no matter what. She could be fearless (Could be bad and a good thing) (Just to be honest). She is also really nice, So i think that i made the best decision to be best friends with her that basically changed our lives since i was the shy one when I was 3 years old until 7 years old. And with out Mia I would have been alone.

For my portrait ideas was: splash paint (elements: colors), face mask, hidden hearts, and disney characters (some are hidden). I choose to use splash paint art because when I was in kindergarten we made splashed paint art with straws and we had a well known memory about enjoying our art time. Also because it expresses her thoughts and feelings. (Yellow: happiness, Blue: sadness, Purple: fear, and Red: anger). I also choose to paint a face mask because she mostly does not express her feelings (Example: she does not cry in public, get a melt down in public, and also does not get moody often). But sometimes I think that she should express her feelings sometimes because it does not build stress in her bodies, that have a lot of side effects, and of course her health. I also choose that I wanted to paint some hidden hearts because we loved hide and seek and some searching games in our early child hood. And also to make the painting more exciting! I finally choose to paint some Disney characters because, she loved disney movies and quotes that made her whole day brighten even more! I remember in kindergarten we watched Disney movies together and had a wonderful time and we also played some disney games (pretending to be one of the characters) in preschool. My influence is: Frida Kahlo, and Expression. i choose Frida because she hides the meaning or detail that you will might not recognize but has a strong thought and meaning to it. I also used Expression because it gives a strong meaning and thoughts that might be about the person in the portrait and your relationship with them.






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