Reflection of the “zoo game”

I think the purpose of the “zoo game” is to look at the chart and think wisely to use your money and to earn your money. Also I learned that you will have to read the directions carefully no matter what. Since the games sometimes tricks you at the higher level. TIP:Also check or speed up the game to earn/achieve your level.

I think the audience are meant for little kids to early teens. Since it is more hard/easy between the age of those kids. Also because they will have to learn to controll or know how to spend her money wisely and to earn money wisely.

I think people should play it since you will learn how to use/earn your money wisely. Also I think that it will be a fun/stressful game to play while learning about spending/earning money wisely.

I think that the point of this game is to learn about earn/use money wisely (economics) in a fun way!

I thought that the game was fun! But I think that they should add some more animals to the zoo and options to make the game more fun! Animals/Stores: Horse, petting zoo, water slides, birds, coyotes, stages, and other more exciting animal/stores!!

At the end I think that the game was a thumbs up since i was a fun way to learn economics and the game tells you to read more carefull and teaches you how to use/earn your money wisely!

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