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Materials in a technical device

For the technology, I am focusing on phones.

Phones costs about 500 EUR – 900 EUR. I found out that phones are very common that there are 96 cell phone service subscriptions for every 100 people in the world. The top product company that are used is: Apple, Samsung, google and etc. We mostly use phones to contact people. Example: calling, face time, texting, and etc. Also, a lot of people are using it for entertainments such as: Games, social media, and etc. We also use it to: Take pictures/Film, Calendar, stop watch, clock, and other common uses.

Material (Gold)

There are Tin, Tantalum, Gold, and Tungsten in our phones. Gold comes from: China, United States, Australia, South Africa, and Russia. Tungsten, comes from: China, Russia Canada, Bolivia, and Austria. Tantalum, comes from: Mozambique, Brazil, DRC, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. Tin, comes from: China, Indonesia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil. Tungsten, Is used to make our phone or blackberry vibrate. Tungsten is a growing source of income for armed groups in the Congo. Armed groups are earning about $2 million annually. Tin, is used as a solder in the circuit boards in our phones. Congolese armed groups earns about $85 million per year from trading tin. Tantalum, Is used to store capacitors in digital camera’s and phones. About 65 to 80 percent of the world’s tantalum are used for electronic devices. Congolese Armed groups earned about 8 million a year by trading tantalum.  Gold is a very rare mineral and easy to smuggle. gold is used as an jewelry in phones and a component in electronics. It is also used to cover up the wires on our phone. Gold wire is usually used in chips to interconnect between the silicon and the chip package. Congolese armed groups are earning between $44 million to $88 million total per year from trading gold.


Studies shows that, Historical ears death are less than the Congo Civil conflicts. Example:US revolution: 108,800, Civil war: 850,000, Vietnam war: 1.7 million, Korean war: 3 million, while the Congo civil conflict deaths are 5.4 million. Studies shows that people hire the workers by: Gun-Point, Life threats, Physically forced, Get a job to protect yourself or your Family. It is also proved that the workers are treated poorly and are in horrible work conditions. It proves that they are working in difficult locations. It is also proved that they: use poor tools, lift a lot, and to the result that they most lead to death. 

What can we do to make it better?

We can all make a demand to the top technical device companies, that we want conflict free products. By emailing, calling and etc. We can also write or publish some facts on our local newspaper, blog, and etc. We can also bring more awareness to the community with internet by posting links and using pictures to show people how bad the situation is. We also can collect some money from the students and teachers. We can all make a fundraiser for the Congo. Finally, If we can not make our OWN fundraiser I think that we should donate to other fundraiser for the Congo civil conflict.



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Reflecting (INS)

Backward-looking question,

I knew about my topic (Dutch conquering Indonesia) pretty well. Since I was doing Netherlands for my emperor’s assignment.  Also I knew about the Indonesia conquered by the Dutch. Since I learned a little bit in 5th grade when we had to learn about other countries conquering each other.

Inward-looking question,

I think that this assignment was a really good task. Since you will get to learn about two different countries and the history, cultural changes, consequences between the two different countries, relationship between the two countries, and etc. Also you will get too learn how cruel countries can be to one another. I particularly liked it when we can make our own slides and choose a lot of pictures for each slide. I disliked the task when we had to write a lot in the research and it was really stressful when we had to record but we could not do it in the afternoon, so we did it in the library but then technical device was not allowed so we had to do it during the last minute in class time. I mostly enjoyed when we could discuss what should we do for the script since it was pretty peaceful.

Outward-looking question,

If I was the teacher I think that I will comment about the details on our research sheet and the script since we had worked really hard on the script and the details on our research sheet.

Forward-looking question,

One thing that i will like to approve is on the slides and the script. Since I mixed up the numbers. In that result it was a little unorganized. Since we wrote some wrong slide numbers for the script.

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Expedition weeks reflect

I thought that in Expedition week we will not meet that much people like last year, but, this year I did make some new friends and met some people.

I enjoyed the biking since I felt like I had a lot of freedom. I Also enjoyed camp fire because iI got to ate some good smore’s even though we had to wait by birthdays.

I think that I did orienteering great! It was fun to be the health doctor. Even though some people complained how I could not do a heart transplant.

I faced some challenges about our roommates since some members was fighting and the room in front of us spayed a lot of deodorant that made our room and the hall way smell.

I learned that you will have to communicate a lot and that it will help more for the community. Since you will get to know each other and become more close.

I think I grew by learning how to communicate and by meeting new people and also by learning a lot of important life lessons.

I think expeditions is a very important activity for schools because you will get to meet new people and you could over come your fears. Also because you can learn a lot of life lessons.

My goal for my expeditions was to meet new people as possible. I think that I should still continue this goal at school.