Reflecting (INS)

Backward-looking question,

I knew about my topic (Dutch conquering Indonesia) pretty well. Since I was doing Netherlands for my emperor’s assignment. ¬†Also I knew about the Indonesia conquered by the Dutch. Since I learned a little bit in 5th grade when we had to learn about other countries conquering each other.

Inward-looking question,

I think that this assignment was a really good task. Since you will get to learn about two different countries and the history, cultural changes, consequences between the two different countries, relationship between the two countries, and etc. Also you will get too learn how cruel countries can be to one another. I particularly liked it when we can make our own slides and choose a lot of pictures for each slide. I disliked the task when we had to write a lot in the research and it was really stressful when we had to record but we could not do it in the afternoon, so we did it in the library but then technical device was not allowed so we had to do it during the last minute in class time. I mostly enjoyed when we could discuss what should we do for the script since it was pretty peaceful.

Outward-looking question,

If I was the teacher I think that I will comment about the details on our research sheet and the script since we had worked really hard on the script and the details on our research sheet.

Forward-looking question,

One thing that i will like to approve is on the slides and the script. Since I mixed up the numbers. In that result it was a little unorganized. Since we wrote some wrong slide numbers for the script.

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