An Normal street movie :P

Today 6c started a film study in English. We learned different angles and other movie making skills. Me and my group shot from angels such as: Wide shot, medium, and high angle. the first shot we took a normal medium shot. The next shot we did an wide shot. Finally we did a high angle. Taking the photos was challenging But, I think our group did a good job.




high angle






Board game for I&S

My plan for the board games is that me and my partner decided that instead of blocks for “Normal board game”, for each square we made a country off India, Persia, central Asia, China, Turkey, Roam, and German. First we will need to choose a country to go, then we pick a card and trade the use os item. The next step is that we go to another country but the thing is that we will have to pay budget like now days,(gas, tickets, or high ways).

Photo on 4-29-16 at 12.14 PM #2

Art reflection

Photo on 4-22-16 at 2.40 PM

I think that I did good on my print art work. I thought I did good on using colors that matched each other and I also used white paint to make it more matching. I loved how I mixed my personal interest, For Example, My personal interest is: pink, colors that are similar to blue, flower, and patterns that have lines in them. My cultural influence is: native American, Japanese, Middle Eastern.I also like how there is enough white ink. I love the shapes in the patterns. I also really love the idea that I made the print to make the flower.(If you take a close look on the pink print, maybe, you will realize). I think that i did a great job solving problems to understanding negative space and to make the print more interlocking.But I also thought that I did not well job at placing and glueing the prints to black paper. As you could see there is little space of black paper that makes the art work look sloppy, (to be honest). I also thought when I drew the design I should of been more carefull and not rush, because I think the pattern is a little messy.

I think I solved a problem and used my creative thinking is, that when I accidentally used a extra blue paper instead of trashing it, I made the design of the pink paper I made the pink and blue print switch the paper because as you could see, the pink paper is more less then the blue. I also print the design a little cricket so I cut the design a little smaller and glued it equally (squeezed it in the black paper). But in that case you could see some black paper a little showing. I am very proud of my self when I squeezed the pattern of my cultural influence an my personal interest. Since I had a really hard time mixing, pink, colors that are similar to blue, flowers, and patterns that have lines in them. My cultural influence is Native American, Japanese, and Middle Eastern.

As I said I am very proud how I squeezed my personal interest and my cultural interest/influence, which my cultural interest/influence is, Native American, Japanese, and Middle Eastern. My personal interest is, pink, colors that are similar to blue, flowers, and patterns that have lines in them. I also am proud of making the art work that more discribes “Koumae”, I used all white ink an used my favorite colors pink and any colors that are similar to blue. I carved flowers to also describe my personal interest and to show my cultural interest/influence, (Japanese) and also carved strip patterns for my personal interest (patterns that have lines in them).

I choose My cultural influence as Japanese because I love Japanese culture and Japanese art work.(also because I am half Japanese). I also used, Native american or mentioned my cultural interest was Native American because, I love native americans art work or their history. Finally I choose, Middle East, because I love the Middle Eastern art work. I used a lot of shapes that describes my personal interest, flowers, squares, and stripes. I choose those shapes because I love those shapes and are mostly connect to Japanese cultural patterns. (Especially the flowers). I used white ink since I think white shows more color on pink and blue than black.  And used  blue and pink papers since I love colors that are similar to blue and pink. Since I thought using three colors of paper is too complicated and hard to blend or match the colors, I used two color of paper which are my most favorite colors which are similar colors to blue and pink. I used a hidden message for my color order, Since I love pink flowers, I made a flower shape with the three papers, as you could see, if you look at the pink paper for a while.

Improv Tournament Reflection

I think I could improv my performance if I talk loudly. Because sometimes I talk to quietly and some people get lost about the story that I am performing.

I think I could use the “statue game” skills since it makes us practise are creative thinking. I also think that if we use those skills it will help us get a better ending and start and also acting skills.

I think if I rate my self out of 8, It will be 6. Because I knew that I did not use my creative thinking sometime and used other mostly used ideas.

blog post 2

  1.  I think that I will stop using the tab for a long time while showering, washing hands, washing dishes, and other usage of water. I think that I will tell my family to as possible while they wash their hands, vegetables, and other water usage.
  2.  To Mr. Coutts,  I think that in YIS, (cafeteria, bathroom) I think that people use the tabs while they wash their hands or washing an object. I think people will waste extra water everyday. To help this problem, I think that we should posters around the cafeteria and in the bathroom about stoping the tab while washing your hands and other objects.
  3. I will agree to the statement. I agree because a lot of people waste a lot of water every year, day, hour, minute, and second in the world. I also agree because the glaciers is melting by the global warming.
  4. I think that water shapes our culture, how people play at the beach or when they play sports there is a lot of water sports that I will think that shapes the culture now.



My two ATL skills

I think I did best on creative thinker and organization skills.

2. I think I did best with my Organization skill because if you look at my poster, you will see that it is organized and it is very clean.


My poster

I also thought that I chose my creative thinking because I thought that if me and my partner drew the water drops and the bottle on the poster since it would look messy. So I printed water drops  and a water bottle and cut it and glued it on the poster. As  you see on the poster.

3. I think that I struggled on the organization ATL skill. Because I was confused if I should put the graph in the bottom or the top since I did not where every thing go.

4. poster image Image of the poster

Reflecting on the process, preparing for the performance

I focused on the sha sha ten but I broke my arm so I could not participate the concert.  But, I improved when I memorised the lyrics for the sha sha ten part since the sha sha ten note changes. And I also got faster to do the sha sha ten before I broke my arm. I still cant keep the rhythm. Which I play the beat and the notes fast. To stay on the beat I think that I should stayed on the beat.

I think next I should write the homework assignment sheet when I practised. Since I forgot to return it. Also I think I should of practised more time on the koto. I was a little lazy and did not do some practise for 1 hour like every day, instead I practiced for 15 or 20 minutes since I was also very busy.

I could not participated on the concert since I broke my arm. But, I think that in the video of the concert the beat was getting fast and slow some parts. I think that I will work on the beat since it is a common, and very hard mistake to improve. I also think that at the end a few people tried to stand up and bow but some did not and everyone sat down and bowed. So, I think that next time if I was going to go on stage, I will make contact and remind the team the plan. But I also think that there were not many koto mistakes for a note. And also I did not hear a squeaky or a unpleasant sound while the concert.



I think that I will need to improv to organize my locker. To accomplish my goal I will…

  • Put the magnet organizer (box or more like a basket) in my locker.
  • Put my schedule, extra pencil, hair band, pasmo, phone and other needed Items in my organizer.
  • Bringing home what I do not need.
  • Go early in the morning and throw away my trash.

I think I could accomplish my goal because I am sure theses tips will help me.

Drama improvisational class games

Park bench

You will need to explain that there is a park bench and that the students are to take on a character who comes into the scene and try to act together

Start the scene with one person, adding the others at suitable intervals.

Encourage students to let the scene run a little, before going to the scene in with their characters.

Taxi Driver

This is game when you will need to be the customer of the “taxi”.

For this game their will be only 2 passengers, the two passengers will need to act one of the characters,

  • A secretive British agent.
  • A snobby Opera singer.
  • A hyper 4 year old.
  • A friendly, overly talkative old woman.

The cab driver adopts the personality traits of his customer. When a new performer (a new passenger) enters the scene, the cab driver and the other passengers emulate the new personality or behavior of the character. The passengers explain to the driver where they are going and what they plan to do.

Tsuchi Ningyo 3 focus parts

My Tsuchi Ningyo 3  focus parts are, page 2 line 3, page 3 line 4, page 3 line 3.  I worked on the shan tens because I was making the mistakes of the combination with the ten and the eleven!

I think I did better at the shan tens than last week. This is because I practiced the most on my sha-sha-ten!

Throughout the practice I noticed that I was idiomatically memorizing the notes for the sha sha tens! So, I think that I did better on my sha sha ten compared to last time.




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