political cartoon analasys

People in this cartoon are in fact stereotypical characters. Society thinks that coloured skin people have less international power than white skinned people. This kind of idea came from the history of the world. The colonisation was one of the biggest impact of the stereotype. Countries in South America, Africa or Asia, were always colonised by the more powerful countries in Europe or North America. In 21Th. century, most of colonisation was over, but the old tradition still remained in the society. These social groups are discriminated because of their looks, culture, and political reasons. On the other hand, people from countries like Russia, US, Germany and etc, are viewed as rich and more politically powerful countries. This is because they have more military force, money and land.

The earth in this cartoon is drawn kind of like a exercise ball. When you sit on a exercise ball it changes the the shape. It can become an oval, or a different round shape. In this cartoon, the ball is in a kind of round but unbalanced shape, almost like its getting squished too much, and is about to explode. This earth ball is showing that the world is so unbalanced, that the ball is more egg shape. This is a problem because you don’t know when this ball is going to explode. This can mean war, crisis or other big political problems.

The man on the right is not looking at the people on the left side. This can be shown as how some people decide to think that it is not “their” problem that people on the right are having a lot of political issues. This is a very common issue, because people from rich countries, tend to think that things that happen to other side of the world isn’t their problem. But we have to relise that someday the issues that less powerful contries have will eventually effect our lifes.





This political cartoon shows how people react to Trump being the president.  The US


Chicken Wing Dissection

For our unit, we learned the parts of human bodies and motions. To see the body parts better, we dissected a chickens wing.

After dissecting the wing, I relised that the ing is very similar to human arms. It had almost all parts that were in human arm, and it moved similarly too. The most interesting part was moving the wing with ligaments. We pulled the ligament with the pinset and we saw how the wing moves. The difrent part is that ofcourse its smaller, but they also don’t have fingers like humans. Which is why theydon’t have ligaments on their fingers.






Rosen Corporation Reveals New AI Robot


San Francisco Daily

Rosen Corporation Reveals New AI Robot


<pictures copyright : Rosen Corporation>  Examples of NEXUS-6                  

By Rina Anshina on january  20, 2021

At the recent international future technology fair, the American technology company Rosen Corporation revealed the next generation of AI robot, the Nexus-6. This AI robot astonished the world with its new systems and the new abilities.

For many years, Rosen Corporation had been displaying many AI robots that we use in daily basis. Rosen Corporation says that they’ve been working on this AI robot longer than any of their inventions.  

This extraordinary android has choice of ten thousand electrical pathways in their brain. These androids are capable to react in one at least fourteen ways. This is because unlike other robots, Nexus-6  isn’t controlled by a CHIP called  “ ACC( short for Artificialis Cerebri CHIP)”  which is a software that is in robots brain. It controlled hardware of  the previous AI robots like Nexus-4 and 5, to think in various ways, moving in a right way, and make other things that made them as close to human as possible.

The CHIP that is controlling  Nexus-6 is called “ Artificialis Cor CHIP”. It is  connected in their heart, not in their brain. Rosen Corporation says “ we wanted these androids to feel but also think in different organs and CHIPs. We thought that that will make them more human, and we are very satisfied by our work.”

The researchers found that that this android is the most human like robot that was ever invented. Scientists estimate that from now  in 10 years there will be a android with complete organs system.

Tatiana Mayer a senior scientist at the Michigan Future Technology Center is fascinated by this android. The scientist declares that this android has all the organs that are 95% similar to humans. Also she is fascinated  how more of Rosen Corporation’s androids are  coming in different skin colors and figures and etc. She says that it’s amazing how they make almost all  androids with its own personality and looks. Dr Mayer also quoted that even though she is a scientist and she’d been working with android’s for years, she’s still terrified by a resemblance of Nexus-6 and humans.

Like the researchers, government is giving a positive attention to this new invention. Government agrees that this android is truly fascinating and very useful. They are  planning to give these androids to citizens who are immigrating to Mars as a gift, as they believe these androids will keep citizens safe and less stressed after the immigration. The  government thinks that Nexus-6 is a perfect android that citizens will need after the WW3 happen in 1989.

In the other hand, the Chief police inspector of San Francisco is giving a negative opinion. Inspector Dave Holden explained to San Francisco Daily  that Nexus-6 is  too risky to be released. He claims that because of Rosen Corporation’s  new CHIP system, the androids will have more understanding of human feelings and  more easier relationship with them. He believes that this will affect the frequency needle , which will make harder for police officers to do a Vogit – Kampff ( empathy) test on androids. He is worried that if the government is going to release these androids, it will be harder for them to find criminal androids.

This isn’t the first time the police stations gave  negative opinions about the androids. As the android industry grows the harder it becomes to identify androids among humans. The government says there will  be a further examination and inspection before releasing the androids, but there are still worried claims from many places.


Music- Playing the Blues



Reflection- This task was a little bit challenging to me, because i wasn’t sure what we are doing. I personally haven’t played blues before and trying to find the chords was very hard thing to do. But I enjoyed this challenge too. I was quite excited, because i always wanted to try to play blues. Things I should improve on is the time management. I didn’t practice this challenge at house, so my skills were not that good. Also, it took me too long o figure out what to do. Next time, I will try to do this more faster. I had challenges playing left hand. Because I couldn’t figure out how to play right hand with left hand. I fixed this problem by asking questions to not only teacher but also students in this class. As a result, I was able to play 12 bar blues. I will do some finger exercises so I can play the 12 bar blues without hesitating. Also, I will s be listening to various blues songs and also practicing making my own by using 12 bar blues back tracking from Mr Johnston’s blog. I will also try to practice more in my house to improve on my blues skills.







I&S Reflection for Child Labor

Question- How does what you have learned relate to a current event you are aware of?

I always knew that the child labor still existed in some developing countries. Like in India, young kids would work in cigarette factories from dawn to late night. In some of the developing countries, kids work in constructing area. They do things like breaking stones and carrying them. People think that child labor is now banned, but there are still countries that doesn’t relise that kids are precious beings. The organisations like UNICEF or UN tries to help these poor kids to get a good education,health,and food. Famous celeberties like Audrey Hepburn , Angelina jolly and etc were working for these organisations.


WHAT’S A SUPER FOOD? – food that has more nutrients than other foods.

In this unit, we were learning about energy for life. Now in this task we were researching about superfoods. My super food is called TIGER NUTS.

What is a Tiger nut?

Tiger nut is a nut that contains many kinds of nutrients. It was found in Ukraine, China, Hawaii, Indochina, New Guinea, Java, New South Wales, and various oceanic islands. People eat this nut because they think its good for tissue repair, muscles, the blood stream and for body growth and etc.“Tiger nut tubers contain almost twice the quantity of starch as potato or sweet potato tubers.” There are many ways to eats this nut. People eat this nut by making it in to milk, food ingredient and etc.

What kind of Nutrient does Tiger nut have and what does it do?

Tiger nuts has a lot of nutrients.  7100 mg of potassium is found in 1 kg of tiger nuts. This mineral is good for cells to work properly, heart function, allow electricity to move through your body and etc. Also tiger nut had 900 mg of calcium per 1 Kg. It is good form making strong bones and teeth. It also helps your body system work properly.

Walnut (Greek nut)

 Walnut is also vey healthy diet food.  People eat this in different ways too. Some people like to eat as just nut, but others put this in cakes,pies, yogurts, snacks and etc. This food had 4410 mg of potassium per kg. It has 980mg for calcium per kg.

How to eat it

In result, tiger nuts has less calcium but more potassium than walnuts. If you want more potassium, I recommend you to eat tiger nuts. But if you want calcium, you should eat walnut. If you want both nutrients, you can mix both nuts and eat it. But!!!!!!!! nuts have a lot of carbohydrate and fat , so you can get  gain some weight if you eat a lot. I recommend you to eat not more than fistful a day.

Is calling some of food “SUPER FOOD” OK?

I think that it is not right to call some of foods superfood. Super food is just a food that has higher number of ONE nutrient. When I looked at tiger nut and walnut, walnut had more calcium than tiger nut. i think that all food has their own kinds of nutrient and different amount of them. You cannot manipulate people to buy foods that is just called superfood ( people think that its better for health if its called super food).


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