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Final Reflection Blogpost – Visual art

Paragraph 1 – Criterion A

When i’m looking at my week 1 self-portrait and then my final self – portrait, I can see that I got much much better with drawing.  And I got a new skills to draw a good self – portrait. First skill is look at other students self – portrait. I could find my mistakes with  look and think deeply about friends self – portrait. My second skill is to look very closely to picture of my self picture. That helped me to find little details of my self that I couldn’t find.

Paragraph 2 – Criterion C

I had had to have good decision when I was drawing eyes. There was a little light line in my self picture,and I needed to add that in to my final self – portrait. Because when I was trying to make a light line, everything was erasing. And I only made a  decision to make a little light line so I didn’t needed to draw the eye again and again. And I had a trouble with drawing my ears. My ears were hide in hair and it was dark. I think and think if I need to draw the ears. And I finally draw a ears. I just erased the line and made little more lighter were ears needed to be( it was hard to make a middle dark and light part.) 

Paragraph 3 – Criterion D 

My self – portrait is kind of look like me. I think its because my face has good gradation and it help to look like realistic. Also I think I  draw good value  so that I didn’t make a line. like cartoon. My self – portrait is also showing my self. People can see that I have dark eyebrows and and That I have a earrings.

Paragraph 4 – Approaches to learning 

I my ATL skill is communication.  I talk a lot with friends  to tell my idea. Some times Mr.Reed showed me the other peoples self – portrait and I needed to say a problem or good thing they did  I want to be more good communicator.


My Art work

In this year we learn how to draw self portrait only with pencil. First time I didn’t know how draw realistic,but after few moths
I understand how to make shadow and gradations. It was hard to draw very dark shadows and light shadows. Later, my drawing became better. And my portrait. My face started to look like me. I’m very proud my self now. I want to keep drawing and get more better with drawing shadows and lights.



is the very famous movie from about 63 years ago. The main character is Gene Kelly.
He is dancer and actor. In this movie the best part is when his girlfriend kiss him.

Why that part is famous???

Because his movement is really good. He use his umbrella,shoes,rain for his dance.Umbrella,he use for guitar,dance partner,and swinging stick. Shoes he is use for the music redeem. Rain he is using for make scene more funny.
He is also, good at act. We can see that because of love,he can’t control him self like a child.
I really want to be like a Gene Kelly. I mean I want to be good actor like him.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.14.13 PM