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Finding symbols in movie

My movie : Maleficent

Symbol :wings

Why? : Her wing were her weapon, for flying etc. But it also  her wings represent the her  power a freedom. Also when the King David her lover betrays her cut her wings, it means that he took her freedom and she lost her power. Because that Maleficent planned to revenge the King David.



Maleficent Wings Maleficent Wings wallpaper May 12, 2016

English Film


This unit we are going to learn about film.

This is one of our (Kai.W and Me)  filming technique’s.


This is high angle. Its when camera is above but not directly overhead


This is angle call eye level. Its when At eye level with the character.

This angle is call tilt its when camera set at an odd or unusual angle.


This angle is bird’s eye view or overhead. Its when camera is directly overhead with camera facing down.


This is low angle. Its when the camera is below the level of the character.

Art Unit Two Print Making Critique

1. Evaluate my work

1.My strength : I was good at making a idea for the plate. It had my intrest and cultural influence. Also, Im proud of that After              printing it was looking quite good. I just had a little mistakes that I made.

2. My weakness : My weakness is that I was too slow doing all a little slowly. when everyone were doing print making, I was                doing carving.  When I was doing printing, most of people were starting to write a critique. I was sad that I couldn’t come to             open   studio, and in next unit I will promise myself that I’m going to do fast and come to open studio a lot.

2. Explain my creative thinking

I had problem that lines for the flower in my carving was too thin. It was so hard even though                                                                   I used thinest carving tool. But I kind of did it well I think its’s because I did slowly and patient.                                                          And when I printed It was not so bad. I was thinking that I carved not deep and I was worried                                                            that I have to carve it again. Because of that my  most satisfied part flower.

2. Cultural Influence & Personal Interest

My cultural influence   for plate came Israel. I always liked the David’s star so I decided to do a Israel motif.                                when I was doing my personal influence, I couldn’t think what a actually like and I couldn’t decide what to do.                                 Then I had an idea that I am good at drawing flowers. So decided to draw a rose.                                                                                  After almost finishing sketching my final design, I was kind of thinking that something was missing.                                                  So I think and think , and I drew a wave line look like a sea. I was showing Israel’s Dead sea.                                                                     I also put circle around the star because it looked more prettier.

Evaluate your artwork’s elements

I wanted to make the color of print kind of cool color like blue.                                                                                                                       But the, I had problem that it didn’t mach with a color of paper that I wanted.                                                                                             So I changed with blue and pink. My lines were the real problem. I had really thin lines and some                                                            I need it to make it thicker. And it was hard to carve the lines either. I made the pattern of my color too.                                                I did pink blue and pink blue.


This my final art