June 2016 archive

Unit3 Symbolic Portrait Reflection

This unit, I used my grandmother for my subject, because she is my roll model. My grandmother is  a doctor and she saved a lot of people. She also helps women who cannot have babies. She already made more than 4000 babies!. She is also very important person for me because she is my grandmother she is very nice to me and my younger brother. When we come to Russia, my grandmother always organizes something for us. I am telling her personality and her job.

I choose Claude Monet  and Vincent Van Gogh for my artist. The elements I chose are: setting, objects,and color. I drew lilac trees ,because her favorite flower is lilac. I drew her in the field. That symbolizes the freedom. She is always tired because of the work. I wanted to draw her being  in quiet peaceful field full of flowers and trees. I also drew amber necklace on her neck. Its because her favorite stone is Amber. Also  her necklace is not just the necklace, its the necklace that her brother gave her. It symbolizes her love of brother. I also tired to use bright color to how she is happy and peaceful. In my drawing, grandmother is wearing blue dress. Its because she always wear simple skirt in her house. I wanted to show that she is really comfortable because she always wear that. That means she feel comfortable with that clothes.