Grade 7 Expedition

IN this expedition, I went to Norikura in Nagano.

I thought it would be super hard like in 6 grade but it was opposite. It was super fun!!!!

I enjoyed mountain biking and hallway club. I was in advanced level in mountain biking so it was little challenging but really fun.

Also there was this club called Hallway club. Its when boys and girls meet in first floor room hallway and chat and have fun. It was really funny because we did some silly things like deodorant terror and everyone was suffering from the small. I did well catching spiders in my room. And I had lot of challenge with rock climbing . I thought I was good at it but I was really bad this time and didn’t succeed even once. I learned that being in community with boys and girls was a very good idea, because you get to know each other better and also get to know the opposite gender better too. This expedition made me grow with my mind. I learned how to talk and communicate with people better. I think expeditions are important because you learn collaboration and communication. From expedition I started to use risk taker skill . I started to help people and take a risk like I did something that anyone wanted to do. I will continue these with try to help people and trying new things.g7-norikura-kogen-216-s g7-norikura-kogen-60-s

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