I & S Empire unit reflection

Backward-Looking: Before this unit I knew that Magellan was the first person to find Philippines and that Lapu – Lapu was the one who killed Magellan.  Also I knew I little about Korean and Chinese empire too. Before I didn’t really know about Spanish empire. This project helped me to learn alot of stuff

Inward-Looking: I was most satisfied by my one slide that I made. It was about clothing that Spain influenced to Philippines.  I liked this slide because I had a really good blog that showed really good facts about clothing. Also I was satisfied by our work. Me and Airi really worked together hard and made a really good presentation. I am really glad that I had such a good partner.

Outward-Looking: I did diffrent by finding some small facts to make a good presentation. I tried to first find the fact and then an evidence. And I think that that is the difference. I also tried to find alot of blogs and try find a informations. And I asked Airi to do the script and I did the presentation slides.

Forward-Looking: One thing I want to improve is to to my time more wisely. Some times I would get distracted and not pay attention to my work next time if I have I&S project, I want to more concentrate and make my work better.

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This is a link to my presentation.


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