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Hello in science,  we learned about minerals. In this unit we looked at what kind of minerals are in our school technology and where are they from.

My technology

The technology that i chose is cell phone. I chose cell phone because its the most common technology  that students have in school and also outside the school. We use this technology  for researching taking photos, education and etc. Cell phone contains loads of minerals. Gold,Tin,Tungsten,Tantalum are one of the most common minerals. These minerals are used for parts in cell phone. Tantalum stores electricity in your phone.Tungsten makes your phone vibrate.And tin is used for sodor. Gold is for wyaring.


These minerals are from diffrent countries. Congo or Democratic Republic of Congo is the country where these minerals comes the most, but because Congo has conflict mineral. They have wars and kudeta.



First problem is that almost all of the hired people are forced or threatened to work in mines. The people who are watching  miners so they work properly are wearing military clothes and  have gun with them. It shows that if you disobey, They beat people and miners get injured badly. 

Second problem is the  place that they work has  pretty bad condition.  They work in difficult location. Also they have to use horrible tools to dig the ground. Their job contains a lot of lifting that causes injuries and even deaths too.

Third problem is that Congo is one of the most dangerous country to be a women. Everyday women and girls has to face the threat from military, and even police. They use rape as a weapon. Some armed groups, feel guilty of forced to rape, and leading girls and women injury and even death.


Congo is having a lot trouble because of the technology that we are using in school. To help our school should  I think school should reuse the devices.  Also school should make a charity that helps Congo’s people. They should also provide food , clothes, books, educational stuff and etc to Especially for  little kids and women.                                               I think think also we should tell the situation of Congo to whole school.



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