WHAT’S A SUPER FOOD? – food that has more nutrients than other foods.

In this unit, we were learning about energy for life. Now in this task we were researching about superfoods. My super food is called TIGER NUTS.

What is a Tiger nut?

Tiger nut is a nut that contains many kinds of nutrients. It was found in Ukraine, China, Hawaii, Indochina, New Guinea, Java, New South Wales, and various oceanic islands. People eat this nut because they think its good for tissue repair, muscles, the blood stream and for body growth and etc.“Tiger nut tubers contain almost twice the quantity of starch as potato or sweet potato tubers.” There are many ways to eats this nut. People eat this nut by making it in to milk, food ingredient and etc.

What kind of Nutrient does Tiger nut have and what does it do?

Tiger nuts has a lot of nutrients.  7100 mg of potassium is found in 1 kg of tiger nuts. This mineral is good for cells to work properly, heart function, allow electricity to move through your body and etc. Also tiger nut had 900 mg of calcium per 1 Kg. It is good form making strong bones and teeth. It also helps your body system work properly.

Walnut (Greek nut)

 Walnut is also vey healthy diet food.  People eat this in different ways too. Some people like to eat as just nut, but others put this in cakes,pies, yogurts, snacks and etc. This food had 4410 mg of potassium per kg. It has 980mg for calcium per kg.

How to eat it

In result, tiger nuts has less calcium but more potassium than walnuts. If you want more potassium, I recommend you to eat tiger nuts. But if you want calcium, you should eat walnut. If you want both nutrients, you can mix both nuts and eat it. But!!!!!!!! nuts have a lot of carbohydrate and fat , so you can get  gain some weight if you eat a lot. I recommend you to eat not more than fistful a day.

Is calling some of food “SUPER FOOD” OK?

I think that it is not right to call some of foods superfood. Super food is just a food that has higher number of ONE nutrient. When I looked at tiger nut and walnut, walnut had more calcium than tiger nut. i think that all food has their own kinds of nutrient and different amount of them. You cannot manipulate people to buy foods that is just called superfood ( people think that its better for health if its called super food).


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