Music- Playing the Blues



Reflection- This task was a little bit challenging to me, because i wasn’t sure what we are doing. I personally haven’t played blues before and trying to find the chords was very hard thing to do. But I enjoyed this challenge too. I was quite excited, because i always wanted to try to play blues. Things I should improve on is the time management. I didn’t practice this challenge at house, so my skills were not that good. Also, it took me too long o figure out what to do. Next time, I will try to do this more faster. I had challenges playing left hand. Because I couldn’t figure out how to play right hand with left hand. I fixed this problem by asking questions to not only teacher but also students in this class. As a result, I was able to play 12 bar blues. I will do some finger exercises so I can play the 12 bar blues without hesitating. Also, I will s be listening to various blues songs and also practicing making my own by using 12 bar blues back tracking from Mr Johnston’s blog. I will also try to practice more in my house to improve on my blues skills.







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