Rosen Corporation Reveals New AI Robot


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Rosen Corporation Reveals New AI Robot


<pictures copyright : Rosen Corporation>  Examples of NEXUS-6                  

By Rina Anshina on january  20, 2021

At the recent international future technology fair, the American technology company Rosen Corporation revealed the next generation of AI robot, the Nexus-6. This AI robot astonished the world with its new systems and the new abilities.

For many years, Rosen Corporation had been displaying many AI robots that we use in daily basis. Rosen Corporation says that they’ve been working on this AI robot longer than any of their inventions.  

This extraordinary android has choice of ten thousand electrical pathways in their brain. These androids are capable to react in one at least fourteen ways. This is because unlike other robots, Nexus-6  isn’t controlled by a CHIP called  “ ACC( short for Artificialis Cerebri CHIP)”  which is a software that is in robots brain. It controlled hardware of  the previous AI robots like Nexus-4 and 5, to think in various ways, moving in a right way, and make other things that made them as close to human as possible.

The CHIP that is controlling  Nexus-6 is called “ Artificialis Cor CHIP”. It is  connected in their heart, not in their brain. Rosen Corporation says “ we wanted these androids to feel but also think in different organs and CHIPs. We thought that that will make them more human, and we are very satisfied by our work.”

The researchers found that that this android is the most human like robot that was ever invented. Scientists estimate that from now  in 10 years there will be a android with complete organs system.

Tatiana Mayer a senior scientist at the Michigan Future Technology Center is fascinated by this android. The scientist declares that this android has all the organs that are 95% similar to humans. Also she is fascinated  how more of Rosen Corporation’s androids are  coming in different skin colors and figures and etc. She says that it’s amazing how they make almost all  androids with its own personality and looks. Dr Mayer also quoted that even though she is a scientist and she’d been working with android’s for years, she’s still terrified by a resemblance of Nexus-6 and humans.

Like the researchers, government is giving a positive attention to this new invention. Government agrees that this android is truly fascinating and very useful. They are  planning to give these androids to citizens who are immigrating to Mars as a gift, as they believe these androids will keep citizens safe and less stressed after the immigration. The  government thinks that Nexus-6 is a perfect android that citizens will need after the WW3 happen in 1989.

In the other hand, the Chief police inspector of San Francisco is giving a negative opinion. Inspector Dave Holden explained to San Francisco Daily  that Nexus-6 is  too risky to be released. He claims that because of Rosen Corporation’s  new CHIP system, the androids will have more understanding of human feelings and  more easier relationship with them. He believes that this will affect the frequency needle , which will make harder for police officers to do a Vogit – Kampff ( empathy) test on androids. He is worried that if the government is going to release these androids, it will be harder for them to find criminal androids.

This isn’t the first time the police stations gave  negative opinions about the androids. As the android industry grows the harder it becomes to identify androids among humans. The government says there will  be a further examination and inspection before releasing the androids, but there are still worried claims from many places.


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