political cartoon analasys

People in this cartoon are in fact stereotypical characters. Society thinks that coloured skin people have less international power than white skinned people. This kind of idea came from the history of the world. The colonisation was one of the biggest impact of the stereotype. Countries in South America, Africa or Asia, were always colonised by the more powerful countries in Europe or North America. In 21Th. century, most of colonisation was over, but the old tradition still remained in the society. These social groups are discriminated because of their looks, culture, and political reasons. On the other hand, people from countries like Russia, US, Germany and etc, are viewed as rich and more politically powerful countries. This is because they have more military force, money and land.

The earth in this cartoon is drawn kind of like a exercise ball. When you sit on a exercise ball it changes the the shape. It can become an oval, or a different round shape. In this cartoon, the ball is in a kind of round but unbalanced shape, almost like its getting squished too much, and is about to explode. This earth ball is showing that the world is so unbalanced, that the ball is more egg shape. This is a problem because you don’t know when this ball is going to explode. This can mean war, crisis or other big political problems.

The man on the right is not looking at the people on the left side. This can be shown as how some people decide to think that it is not “their” problem that people on the right are having a lot of political issues. This is a very common issue, because people from rich countries, tend to think that things that happen to other side of the world isn’t their problem. But we have to relise that someday the issues that less powerful contries have will eventually effect our lifes.





This political cartoon shows how people react to Trump being the president.  The US


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