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Art Unit Two Print Making Critique

1. Evaluate my work

1.My strength : I was good at making a idea for the plate. It had my intrest and cultural influence. Also, Im proud of that After              printing it was looking quite good. I just had a little mistakes that I made.

2. My weakness : My weakness is that I was too slow doing all a little slowly. when everyone were doing print making, I was                doing carving.  When I was doing printing, most of people were starting to write a critique. I was sad that I couldn’t come to             open   studio, and in next unit I will promise myself that I’m going to do fast and come to open studio a lot.

2. Explain my creative thinking

I had problem that lines for the flower in my carving was too thin. It was so hard even though                                                                   I used thinest carving tool. But I kind of did it well I think its’s because I did slowly and patient.                                                          And when I printed It was not so bad. I was thinking that I carved not deep and I was worried                                                            that I have to carve it again. Because of that my  most satisfied part flower.

2. Cultural Influence & Personal Interest

My cultural influence   for plate came Israel. I always liked the David’s star so I decided to do a Israel motif.                                when I was doing my personal influence, I couldn’t think what a actually like and I couldn’t decide what to do.                                 Then I had an idea that I am good at drawing flowers. So decided to draw a rose.                                                                                  After almost finishing sketching my final design, I was kind of thinking that something was missing.                                                  So I think and think , and I drew a wave line look like a sea. I was showing Israel’s Dead sea.                                                                     I also put circle around the star because it looked more prettier.

Evaluate your artwork’s elements

I wanted to make the color of print kind of cool color like blue.                                                                                                                       But the, I had problem that it didn’t mach with a color of paper that I wanted.                                                                                             So I changed with blue and pink. My lines were the real problem. I had really thin lines and some                                                            I need it to make it thicker. And it was hard to carve the lines either. I made the pattern of my color too.                                                I did pink blue and pink blue.


This my final art


Final Reflection Blogpost – Visual art

Paragraph 1 – Criterion A

When i’m looking at my week 1 self-portrait and then my final self – portrait, I can see that I got much much better with drawing.  And I got a new skills to draw a good self – portrait. First skill is look at other students self – portrait. I could find my mistakes with  look and think deeply about friends self – portrait. My second skill is to look very closely to picture of my self picture. That helped me to find little details of my self that I couldn’t find.

Paragraph 2 – Criterion C

I had had to have good decision when I was drawing eyes. There was a little light line in my self picture,and I needed to add that in to my final self – portrait. Because when I was trying to make a light line, everything was erasing. And I only made a  decision to make a little light line so I didn’t needed to draw the eye again and again. And I had a trouble with drawing my ears. My ears were hide in hair and it was dark. I think and think if I need to draw the ears. And I finally draw a ears. I just erased the line and made little more lighter were ears needed to be( it was hard to make a middle dark and light part.) 

Paragraph 3 – Criterion D 

My self – portrait is kind of look like me. I think its because my face has good gradation and it help to look like realistic. Also I think I  draw good value  so that I didn’t make a line. like cartoon. My self – portrait is also showing my self. People can see that I have dark eyebrows and and That I have a earrings.

Paragraph 4 – Approaches to learning 

I my ATL skill is communication.  I talk a lot with friends  to tell my idea. Some times Mr.Reed showed me the other peoples self – portrait and I needed to say a problem or good thing they did  I want to be more good communicator.